Sunday, 27 April 2014

Twenty Two Trees

The boys went off with the Cubs and Beavers this morning and planted trees in the Rouge Valley for the 10,000 trees organisation. Smallest said he planted 16 trees (with help) and Small and another boy planted 6 trees (with no adult help). They planted White Spruce, Pine and Pecker Tree (Smallest told us this one but apparently it is a troop in Clash of the Clans, one of their games).

Huffle and I dropped off the kids and approached one of the leaders (as per the email) who didn't want responsibility for our children and told us to speak to another leader. We spoke to the English leader who was happy to take responsibility for both children as well as his own three (his wife was there too). It seems a different way of thinking here to what we are used to. Our kids want to go to Cubs and Beavers but all the Dads go too because they want to spend the time with their sons (because that is what their Dad did). Huffle and I are grateful of the odd hour we get to ourselves to get those jobs done that we don't really want to drag the kids around to. We don't see that as strange.

Huffle and I visited five different shops including a new garden centre and picked up some herbs and perennials plus a new spade. Our lunch consisted of a baguette cut up with a blob of philadelphia for me and a couple of slices of ham for Huffle. This was consumed in the car park waiting for the boys to get back. They finished off the baguette in the car when they got back and we came home.

The boys collected some more bricks and played on the IPad on the porch while Huffle and I planted and dug up some more grass. I finished off the round paving in the middle of the garden and the boys tested it.

Huffle working hard next to my circle paved bit.

Our new solar frog lamp we bought in the sale. We are testing it's effectiveness before we buy one for Grandad.

Smallest went off to play at his friend Malcolm's house for a couple of hours and Small rode his bike and helped us in the garden.

Then, not content with the fact we had done more than enough, after a game of table tennis, we moved the TV cupboard back into the basement and the snowboards and boots into the new cubby hole. We couldn't get the table football through the door (as there is now a wall there making the space much smaller) so we will have to take its legs off another day. We still need to finish painting the skirting and the ceiling but it's nice to have it as a working space again.


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Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Basement looks lovely. How funny with the cubs. Most parents don't go here either unless they are leaders.