Saturday, 26 April 2014

Root, Root, Root for the Blue Jays

Today, after breakfast, we drove to Toronto to see the Blue Jays play the Boston Red Sox (baseball). It wasn't exactly warm but the sun was out intermittently and the roof was closed so we were warm enough without coats (well apart from Huffle who is getting older and needed his thermal top and a coat!).

We stopped for a warm drink and a little something before the game in a little coffee shop on the harbour and then walked along the harbour watching the boats and ducks.

Today's game was a 'Junior Jays Saturday' which meant there was plenty of entertainment before the game. The boys got to drop a baseball down a maze to win a prize. Small won a water bottle and Smallest won a 3D placemat which we will use as a poster on his bedroom wall.

Once at the Rogers Centre, we found the games and played, had tattoos and took silly photos. Then we walked the steep slopes to the 500 seats. This time we were at the bottom on the 500's so not too far up. We had no-one to our side and no-one in front which meant we had plenty of room.

It was day two of the three day play for the Blue Jays and Red Sox. Red Sox won yesterday and they ended up winning today too, though it did get quite exciting towards the end when we nearly drew or won. It was a long game but the kids were really good apart from one small incident involving one child accidentally sitting on the other and an elbow being put in! Both boys enjoyed the game. Their favourite players were Encarnacion and Bautista (as well as Carp the fish man who played for the Red Sox).

At the end the kids had the opportunity to run around the bases. We queued for quite a while and got to go on the pitch. The boys ran round the bases (not being allowed to slide though) and appeared on the big screen. They loved it and Huffle and I were very pleased we got to go onto the pitch. It was a bit of a mad free for all as the bases were cordoned off and you let your children run off around a well supervised pitch but weren't allowed to follow them or get to the end quickly as you couldn't go on the grass (or AstroTurf). One woman lost her four year old daughter and was inconsolable (I checked back later and she had found her thank goodness). We found our boys and took them to have a slice of pizza back at the harbour.

We watched the planes landing and the seagulls trying to get some food from us and then walked slowly back to the car. We had a good journey back, the boys playing on their DS'.

Once home a quick bowl of yoghurt in front of the TV and bed. It was a long day but very enjoyable.


As promised, a small selection of some very beautiful photography from Aunty A and her West Highland Way and Ben Nevis walk.


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