Friday, 25 April 2014

It's because I am English

A day where no gardening was done. It started out as a warm day which got cooler and ended in rain. Huffle worked from home. MrBasement came and did some finishing (he still has one more small thing to do). Huffle and I have some painting to do and then it will be completed and we can move some stuff back in.

I left Huffle with his annoying telephone conversations (annoying to him not me!) and went off to knitting. I took my pair of socks that needed stitches picking up correctly on both so I can cast them off very loosely and not so tight that I can't get my feet in them like before. However, it was so busy in there today, our work table was full and there were many many people dropping by to talk, buy or peruse. I never did one single stitch and El decided I could leave my socks with her and she would sort before next week. We sorted out my wool and patterns for Knit-A-Long after everyone else had gone and I started on my first square this afternoon.

I popped to the shop and bought a nice baguette and Huffle and I had lunch together before he carried on with his work interspersed with Hoovering to get away from the computer. I did some dusting, washing and knitting. I didn't get on very well as I wasn't reading the pattern correctly and had to start again many times.

The boys came home and I got Smallest's dinner ready while they prepared for swimming then we all went to watch Smallest do fabulous backstroke (his teacher said), front crawl and try breast stroke (which he only has to know how to do but doesn't have to do it). It was mid term progress report day and his teacher said he was very strong for his age and his endurance was amazing for his size. He was very happy with his swimming. Small played on the IPad while Smallest was swimming and then went and did his class of Lifesaving which he enjoyed. He asked if we saw him do this and saw him do that, but we said it wasn't a very interesting class to watch as there was a lot of talking that we couldn't hear and they move down to the other ends of the pool a lot. Still, he did well. While Small swam, Smallest ate his dinner, Beef Stew, in the reception. Later on as we were leaving, the receptionist said "your son is so very polite. He says it's because he is English". I said I didn't know where he got that from but that he is probably right and she agreed.

We came home, ate dinner, washed the swimming gear and watched TV. Everyone is very tired.

I would like to say a WELL DONE to Aunty A and her friend JustA - They have just completed a 96 mile walk on the West Highland Way and then climbed Ben Nevis. She has some amazing photos and promises to send them to me so I can show you. What clever ladies they are.

Here is one from today - I am guessing this is from Ben Nevis.


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