Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Rainy Daffs

We awoke to rain and it lasted all day. Unfortunately, the roof we had fixed, leaked and we had to set up our little contraption of a water bottle, bucket and tape on the kitchen window in order to stop the basement being flooded. I rang MrBasement - he will be here on Saturday morning to sort it!

The boys went off to school wearing wellies and waterproofs - there was only indoor recess for them today so you can imagine how crazy they were when they came home! Why do I have to suffer because of the rain????

Daffodils are coming out but are very wet!!!

Huffle worked from home today and I went off to the Garden Centre. Even though it was raining, Jan and I still worked outside. This time we worked in the Grass Garden, cutting back huge Miscanthus and grasses. it was so windy that our huge steel wheelbarrow got blown over and all the grasses we had cut went flying across the garden. After two full wheelbarrows and just over an hour of bending, cutting and raking, we finally gave in. we hadn't realised how wet it was. We were soaked to the skin. Into the greenhouse we went to get dry and warm. Then we were called in the house for coffee and had Jan's Banana Loaf with it. Yum Yum. After coffee we went back to the greenhouse and potted on peppers and tomatoes until I could bear my cold wet clothes no more and I came home after buying some lettuces and parsley for the front planters.

Huffle and I had lunch. I made a soup for dinner and muffins whilst watching the end of Jamaica Inn - such a good three parter drama.

The boys came home from school and we painted in the basement. Huffle doing the ceiling and some of the walls and me doing the paintwork, cupboard and stairs. We helped Small with his Science Revision and then he did his Maths Problem of the Week. Both boys had showers, we had dinner and then we played a couple of games of Tumbling Monkies and a game of Home You Go.

When it was bedtime, Huffle found out what was bothering Smallest. We knew something was worrying him. He has been having a series of tests at school and for some reason he has been thinking and worrying about it. I told him he shouldnt be worried as it more likely the teachers that are being tested and not him. by the kids doing the tests they can see what the teachers are teaching. I don't know, I'm not a teacher but it seems very young at 6 and 7 to be doing lots of tests. I will leave a note for his teacher to ring me. I think they should be telling the kids what it's all about, not leaving them to be worried about it all! Poor little thing, once we had discussed it as a family, he fell asleep instantly, hopefully he has a clearer mind now.


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Wonder Woman said...

Ours have SAT 'quizzes' in yr 2 which is age six. May be something similar? x