Monday, 6 October 2014

I'm going Hybrid!

All boys packaged off and I got to spend a lovely day with my friend Suffolk. She knocked on the door and ran away and I was greeted with this little fella....

Hello Mr Turtle and what are you doing standing at my door today?

It was my birthday present from her - he is a nodding solar light. I love him. She drove me to the Mall and we shopped like only girls could. I bought myself a most spectacular Fossil handbag with a 60% saving and used my birthday money from Moo (thank you Moo it is truly lovely). I picked up a small Christmas present for Smallest too but mainly we browsed and tried on and laughed.

We then went for a gorgeous meal and had a Veggie Burger made from brown rice, almonds, rocket and beans. It was very delicious and was served with avocado, cress, onion and tomato. Very very nice. After a bit more shopping we came home in time for the kids getting home.

I skyped Moo to show her what she had bought me and then made a start on dinner. The mower man came by and dropped off a loan mower so we could cut our grass. He showed me how to use it and said to call him when we had done with it as he needed to loan it to another person who was also waiting, he said our part for our mower had been ordered three times now. Two had gone missing and the other was waiting to be delivered - maybe Friday. I asked him if we might get it back before the snow came and he said "I hope so".

The boys came home and played on the Wii with Small's friend Log and then on the trampoline when the piano teacher turned up.

Smallest went first and did very well, we just have to train his fingers to bend in the right place. Small, it seems, is a natural and has a very good ear for music - he is progressing quite quickly.

After dinner we dropped Small off at Scouts where they made a catapult and then dropped Smallest off at Beavers where they had a trip to the Fire Hall. Smallest wasn't too pleased with this trip as he has been several times before (he is a Senior Beaver now) but he actually really enjoyed it.

Huffle and I played tennis but couldn't get the lights to come on and played in the dark. After much pressing of the Green Button, a telephone call and a walk to the community centre, we finally got it to come on. Then it rained and then it rained more heavily. When Huffle slipped slightly we gave in and went and picked Smallest up and took him home to bed while Huffle picked up Small.



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Anonymous said...

Oh I love him, he's so cute! Happy belated birthday, I just got caught up with your posts. So the saga of the cooker continues! Hope the gas man turns up soon, you might want to get a cheap, plug in kettle for emergencies!