Sunday, 5 October 2014

Vegging Out

After breakfast and all homework was finished, we all went into the garden and raked many many leaves from the drive and deposited them down into compost corner.

All the veggie beds were harvested and cleared. The compost bin was emptied, at which point we realised certain smallest members of the family were depositing plastic bags into the compost bin instead of emptying them!

My birthday plants were planted in the front garden and watered in. All this took up the whole morning. The boys played on the IPads because of their hard work and we Skyped Moo and gave her Help Desk support with her IPad.

After lunch and piano practice we went to the local tennis courts and played for ages. The weather has turned really cold today and I am struggling to keep warm. I put the heating on and everyone else is very warm. Tennis warmed me up a bit and the boys are starting to play some really good shots now.

Back home we started a game of Monopoly Deal. I was bankrupt first quite quickly and then Smallest, leaving Huffle and Small battling it out. We dealt all the property cards out to make it a shorter game as we wanted to go to out for dinner. Small ended up winning (as usual).

For dinner we drove to Whitby and had a fish and chip supper and came home and watched TV before bed.

Huffle and I are thoroughly enjoying watching Our Zoo (BBC) and have watched four episodes in a row, one more tonight and we have caught up. Definitely recommend.



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