Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Me, you and Tuba too

Huffle worked from home again and disappeared into the space under the stairs. This is not quite as small as it sounds but it keeps him out of my way, stops the kids bugging him and it's nice and quiet. The boys went off on the bus to school.

Today was sunny and all the leaves were golden. It was quite a beautiful spectacle.

I went to aerobics and laughed a lot whilst doing lots of exercises that I know will hurt me more tomorrow than it did today. I came home and then went off to do the grocery shopping.

I got back lunchtime ish and Huffle and I managed to squeeze in a lunch together before he went back to his work and I showered, changed and Skyped Moo. We talked for ages about this and that and then I went and picked up the kids from school. Small got on the bus and forgot it was Wednesday. Smallest wanted his friend to come home and ran around the playground finding his friend and his friends Grandma to organise it and then got Small off the bus and into the music room to pick up Tuba. Everyone back to our house where Small did his Tuba practice, homework and piano practice before playing football with Huffle, Smallest and friend. Smallest had a great time with his friend who is a year older than him but seems a nice boy, good manners and able to hold a conversation (which is rare).

Back home the boys watched a bit of TV before dinner was done and then we all ate. We all played Scrabble Scramble and Smallest and I did a puzzle before bed.


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