Saturday, 18 October 2014

Silver Medallist

A very early start to our day where breakfast was quickly consumed and lunches made for the day. The boys got ready and packed the car with chairs (one of which had been half eaten by mice or chipmunks, leaving a nice hole and chewed insides).

We managed to get out of the house by 9am and drove to Oshawa (40 mins Away) where one football match was already underway, another had finished already and our team were busily warming up while the parents set up their chairs and hugged their coffee. Our first game was at 9:30am but they had no shirts as the coach who was bringing them didn't turn up until halfway through the game tut tut!

Smallest played football non-stop with all the other kids that weren't in the games plus trained and warmed up with the team too.

Their first game ended at 1-0 to the opposition (which happened during the last minute of the game and which Huffle missed because he was collecting Small's water from the car). It was very cold and starting to spit with rain when their second game was called. However, their opponents didn't turn up so our team was deemed the winners and sent off for a break until 1pm. We took this opportunity to go to the Scout Shop (about 20 mins drive away) and bought Small a Scout Shirt (we had to buy a Small Adult one to take into account Small growing and my washing shrinkage).

Lunch was eaten at Wally's World on the way back to the football tournament where we got warm and fed. Back at the football field the kids warmed up again and then they started their next game. Huffle shouted from the sideline and found it very difficult not to get involved. There were no linesmen and just the poor referee who had to hold the whole game together. This game they won 3-2 and then had to play in their final game to play for the Silver Medal. This one they won 3-2 and came away with the silver (though they didn't get the medal as the coach who was late said she would collect the medals and present them at the assembley on Monday in school).

We came home and Small went off to play with his friend 'O' while Smallest, Huffle and I helped create Smallest's 'Diversity Doll'. This is something everyone in school is doing to help show each students cultures and background.

Smallest chose an umbrella with rain on to represent the English weather. The yellow scruffly wool for his hair. Blueberries for eyes, tomato for nose and carrot for mouth to show how our whole family grows vegetables. A Stoke scarf for his chosen football team. A Union Flag on one arm and a Canadian flag on the other being born in England but spending nearly half his life (already) in Canada. There is a Yorkshire teapot and mug (his parents tea of choice), an English thatched cottage, Big Ben and a Leicester City Football badge representing where he was born. A cricket bat and a football for the sports he most likes. Wellies on his feet, with a boomerang for his Australian cousins, an English Stamp and sheep (our English village was full of sheep). He is standing on a snowboard that says "The Master of Snowboarding" because we all snowboard but he feels he is the best! It was a lot of fun making the doll (and yes I sat and knitted a scarf for it and Huffle ran up and down the stairs fetching and printing and finding). We finally glued it on to some thick cardboard which happened to be from the very last packing box we had when our container of furniture and possessions arrived in Canada (Huffle even made sure the British Association of Removers Logo fit on the back).

When Small came back we discussed his doll and came up with a plan. We will do this all together tomorrow. The point of it being that the kids get to learn about their cultures and family history. They will be displayed in school for all to see. I hope they get to discuss them too. I can imagine there will be a lot of different ones.

We had our tea, finished watching the Adamms Family II film and started another film before the boys went to bed. I am guessing they will sleep well tonight - they have used a lot of energy today.



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