Friday, 30 September 2016

Neville Foulgers Gun

Small's thumb is definitely on the mend and is looking more like a thumb though he does have a stinking cold. Huffle's toe is just weird and long and black but he thinks it is healing though he does have a stinking cold. I made both of us a soothing hot lemon and honey after lunch today. I don't have a cold but I do have a sore throat. Today was the Terry Fox Run at school (the kids run for Cancer Research and each one runs for a particular family member). Small ran for Aunt Pear and Smallest ran for MrsElderflowerMeadow.

The Tumble Dryer was due this morning between the hours of 8:30am and 12. Why then, when I am home alone and needing to go out and do things, does it always, always, come at the last minute if not later than they originally say? Why, when Huffle is home does it come at 9:30am, a respectable time. Pah! Still it came and it looks lovely and is huge and fits the whole house in it and doesn't shrink things YET! Huzzah!

I went off to work after the boys went to school and helped Pat in the greenhouse. Today we did hundreds of cuttings of geraniums. It smelled lovely but was a bit sticky. I came home with a lovely container of succulents that I made up of plants that Jeff was throwing away.

Lunch with Huffle and then the rest of the afternoon was spent making a Carrot and Tomato Soup, a Fougasse (yes I watch The Great British Bake Off), three chocolate cakes and butter icing. The soup simmered away happily. The Fougasse sat in the warming drawer proving and when it went in the oven to cook, one of them (I made two) was too thin and overcooked and Smallest rescued it for me. They were interesting but quite crucnchy and hard but alright for dipping in soup.

Huffle went off to pick up Grandma and Grandad from the airport. They were not let off the plane for an hour because the airport was too busy. Eventually they were collected and came home.

Grandma had bought us some material for us to make some roman blinds and said that it would fill her case, so she would not be bringing much this time. Well that was a big fib, we had a full table again, plus a new tablecloth which we photographed after we finished eating.

She had also brought some chocolate to add to the top of Small's birthday cake. I finished Smallest's cake and helped Smallest wrap Small's present.

We watched some TV, had a cup of tea and a relax before bed.




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Aunt Pear said...

Well done boys for the walk. xx