Sunday, 17 December 2017

The day we walked into Christmas

We have had a sugar fuelled day today, starting with waffles for breakfast with a weird assortment of fruit. We hadn't been shopping for a while so we had no fresh fruit in the house.

It was a fairly easy morning for the boys who played FIFA and table tennis. Small did some homework and Smallest read in his room. I made (with assistance from Moo and Huffle) a Lemon Drizzle cake for this evenings visit to MrsChristmas (our next door-but-one neighbour). I had baked it and drizzled it and I was just starting to feel smug until I turned it out of the tin and it fell apart. It wasn't rescuable and we had nearly ran out of time so I quickly made some Gingerbread which Small cut out and Smallest, Moo and I decorated. I also decorated one of our smaller Christmas cakes to take round later.

We all had a quick lunch whilst watching some of TheGrandTour and then we drove off to MrsPianos house for the Piano recital. There were eight kids playing, some had two tunes and some just one. We spent two hours there and ended with hot chocolate and cookies. Everyone played well, though the boys said they didn't play as well as at home but it was a different piano and there were many people looking at them. Huffle and I were very proud of them and think they did excellently.

Waiting for recital to begin
Santa Claus is coming to town
The Grinch & Pachelbel's Canon

Back home we relaxed and watched more of TheGrandTour, had a a bit of dinner and then went to MrsChristmas' for a dessert evening. I think really she wanted to show us her highly decorated house. I have never EVER seen anywhere as decorated for Christmas as this house. Every single room and every single space and surface had something Christmassy on it. There was a tree with remote control lights. On each stair, both sides, was a stuffed Christmas toy, going upstairs and down to the basement. There were several mini villages, swirling lights projected from the lamps, bedspreads, cushions, wall hangings, cutlery, napkins, just everything, everywhere you looked. Even the bathroom and the bathroom upstairs that wasn't used. It was amazing. Our poor little MrGrinch (Smallest) was in shock for most of the evening. MrBaseball and MrsChristmas are lovely and very entertaining. They have a great sense of humour and were really good hosts. We had drinks in the swirly light room and nibbles of peppermint patties, jam tarts and cookies while we chatted. Then we sat at a perfectly Christmassy set table for Pumpkin Cake, Mince pies (which they made after watching MaryBerry and PaulHollywood baking) and cups of tea. It was a very nice evening and MrsChristmas asked Moo and I to go up to her sewing room and then let us choose two towels each she had made. We also got a pair of knitted slippers and Moo got a handmade neck support for the plane.

It was very late when we left and poor Smallest was shattered. Moo and the boys went straight to bed. The boys have behaved impeccably today whilst all around them, other kids have been acting up. Once again, Huffle and I are very proud of them and their behaviour. They played beautifully, conversed with other kids and adults, sat still when needed to and were just lovely this afternoon and evening. A pleasure to have them out with us.

When we got home our house looked bare. Ha! I love it.



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