Thursday, 14 December 2017

Look I'm in a bauble!

-19* welcomed us this morning with a real feel of -27*. Now that's cold! Boys went to school (buses running, no cancellations no delays). Huffle worked in the ktichen and loft. We left him to it and went to the Mall.

That's when it became much more Christmassy. The Mall had huge sparkly baubles, a massive lit up Moose and Santa was there to check if we had been good girls this year. Oh yes we have.

We wandered around, dodging the many Chinese walkers. They use the malls as a walking circuit when it gets really cold. We poddled around many shops buying a few things here and there and when it got to past midday, we stopped for a coffee and something nice which happened to be a Cocunut and Orange Cake (very yummy). I do not like the coffee here (except for my own brew) and I usually don't have it out but today we found a new cafe called Aroma and their coffee was perfect. Strong, black and served in a huge open style cup with a little chocolate.

Moo, her shopping and a rather large Moose
Moo in a bauble!

A few more shops and some heavy bags and we were done. We drove to find a cafe somewhere to finish our day. Trying to park was a nightmare so I gave Moo my phone to find Unionville. Moo is not the best with technology and we ended up going in the wrong direction. Possibly not her fault but I think the phone knows when she is holding it because it always misbehaves. We got there eventually and found a nice Italian cafe. Coffee for Moo and a Ginger Lemon Tea and a bagel for me. We sat at the window watching the coldness and people walking by and we had a good chat before we left to wander the chocolate shop.

Oh yes

We set out to collect Small from Band Practice only to find out Band wasn't on and Small was on the bus coming home. (He did text me to tell me before we got far). Small was already home when got there and Smallest wasn't far behind. Smallest was very sad this morning and we don't know why. Tired and a bit under the weather possibly but we are keeping an eye on him and giving him lots of cuddles and reassurances. This afternoon he seemed in high spirits.

Moo and I got some Christmas boxes up from the basement and started decorating the house. We moved a few things around in the living room to make room for the tree which we hope to get on Saturday in between football games.

This evening Huffle and I left Moo and the boys and went out to see an Adult Pantomime. We got stuck in horrendous traffic on the way so popped to the chippy instead of our planned romantic treat. However we did sit in a quiet corner (under the TV) at a rather salubrious melamine table. Particularly loved the fact that the smell of chip fat clings to your theatre clothes. Nice! However, it did mean that we ate fast and were back on the highway in plenty of time.

Well what can I say about the Panto? It WAS naughty, very naughty. There was a Scottish Sherrif with a huge appendage, a transexual witch, a booby maid Marion and a speedo wearing Robin Hood. Before it started we were escorted to our front row seats and a lady came and asked Huffle if he would take part in the show. He politely declined but we still expected to be picked on. They said they didn't want to offend anyone by bringing anyone on stage who didn't want to perform. That wouldn't have happened in England! He did have to shove the sherrif on stage when he tried to parkour. It was very funny and extremely entertaining and very rude!

The park nearby

Thank you boys for looking after Moo, I hope she was good. Thank you Huffle for my treat out and my romantic dinner.


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