Sunday, 24 December 2017

I got prizes for attendance

What a busy Christmas Eve! I'm sure it's not normally this crazy.

We had a pancake breakfast which was interrupted by MrBasement who came to pick up a SoupKoosie I made for his Mum as a present from MrsBasement. Once we cleared up from breakfast, we made a start on making the Royal Icing to stick the Gingerbread house together and ice the Christmas cake. Small rolled out the marzipan for the cake and Smallest decorated the Christmas tree gingerbread for the house. The house got stuck together and only fell down once and then it was put in the 3season room to harden.

The Christmas cake was marzipanned, iced and decorations added.

The chocolate log was iced and decorated....

The gingerbread house was decorated and had a little problem with subsidence but as of writing this, it was still standing.....just.
Moo finished the jigsaw just in case we got a new one tomorrow ;). The boys had a relax watching Polar Express and we finished watching Elf later after Pork Rolls (Smallest and Huffle) and pizza (Moo, me and Small)

Big snow started falling around 6pm. We now have 20cm due through the night. Oh, now we will have to stay in all day tomorrow :)

It is a tradition in our house that we always open one present each on Chstms eve. Moo opened a present from Small and it was a Mug Cake which she said was really thoughtful though she did think it was fake and tried to get in the box. That's because Moo always hides all her garden gifts to us in other boxes. Huffle got a StarWars mug full of bubble gum from the boys and I. Small got a pair of boxers from me and Huffle (though the tag said from M&D and although this is supposed to be Mum and Dad, he always says it's Margaret&Don across the road).

I got a pair of lovely warm mukluk slippers from Moo and Smallest's got some glow in the dark eyes for his room from me and Huffle.

The kids went to bed. Smallest was just a bit excited and Small is still just a big kid asking for his presents to be hidden. What he doesn't know is that his presents are hidden inside other presents this year so it looks like he only has a few. A ha! The grown ups stayed up and played cards.



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