Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Champagne in Greenland

Before I even got out of bed this morning, I was checking the bus cancellations. Small desperately wanted a day off school and Smallest wanted a snow day (no bus but school still open - more fun!). Both buses were running though and off they went. I also checked the flight status of Moo's plane. First she was delayed by 50mins, then 1hr15, then 1hr50 and finally 2hr3. Poor Moo had to sit on the plane for over 2 hours before they got to take off.

I had a flight tracker on my IPad and I kept an eye on it throughout the day. Instead of the route it should have taken, it went up to Scotland and across to Greenland, seemed to stop and go backwards and then zig zagged its way to Canada. Very strange and it only took an extra 5 minutes.

I called MrsM to see if it was a work day and she told me to stay at home and have a snow day. She also told me that parts of the 401 (highway to airport) was closed so Huffle gave me full dispensation to travel on the 407 (toll road).

Awwwwww <3

I also woke to a lovely photo of MrsEldeflowerMeadow with her cowl that I made and only sent last week.

We had about 10cm of snow during the night and it continued snowing through the morning. The temperature was -5* with wind chill of -12*. The snow stopped around midday and then started again early evening.

Waiting for Smallest's bus

My snow day was mainly finishing knitting chickens and labelling them and wrapping things up. Huffle and I cleared part of the drive and then the snow fell again and covered it all up. After lunch, we went out and cleared my car of snow. There was so much on there! Huffle cleared the area around my car and I went off to school to watch the Dress Rehearsal. It was chaotic. The best part for me was when the fire alarm went off (construction crew were testing it) and the band played along with the tone of it. Very funny. The singing was out of tune, the band were out of time, the jokes were bad. It wasn't that bad all in all but I'll never get that hour and a half back!

At home I just had time for a quick drink and a finish of another chicken before I had to go and get Moo. Smallest stayed at home for his concert later and Small came with me. Our journey was very quick and trouble-free and well worth the money to use the toll road. We got there just before Moo got out of the plane (we think). We did a lot of people watching and saw a man with a rose in an LCBO (booze) bag. Another man with a bouquet. An Asian woman nearly barged into me with her trolley. A woman and her son who wanted to talk to us because she had someone on the same flight as Moo (I think she heard our accents). Once we found Moo who had had a terrible time once getting off the plane but had been upgraded to Clubclass, we all got stuck in the lift and nearly had to press the Alarm Button.

We had a good journey back and made very good time. Huffle had dropped Smallest off at the concert (Smallest told him not to stay as the concert was rubbish) and he had dinner waiting for us when we got home. After dinner, Moo emptied her case. We have been very good this year.....

That's it. Christmas has been declared

Small dived straight in for Crunchie and Smallest had a MilkyBar as soon as he got home from his concert.

Moo was very tired but did manage to tuck Smallest up in bed before she crashed out herself.



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