Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The GreatCanadianBakeOff

It's that time of year when lots of baking has to be done in this house. For us, for the teachers and as Christmas presents. After the boys went to school and Huffle disappeared into the loft, Moo and I watched an episode of Bancroft and ate our breakfast.

The first baking we did was Flapjack. This is for the School Secretary and the Librarian at Smallest's school (they love it) and for Small's French teacher who has an allergy to Flour.

While that was in the oven we made Chocolate Crackle Cookies which is for the six other teachers. Flapjack came out and three tins of crackles went in. Unfortunately the bottom tin burnt, only slightly but enough to taste, so that tray was ours.

Next we made shortbread, also for the six other teachers, using a recipe that someone gave me (wish I knew who to credit it with as they turned out to be delicious). Once they were dusted with sugar they were perfect. We even managed to watch the last episode of Bancroft whilst waiting for deliciousness to bake.

We stopped for lunch with Huffle and watched a Gino'sItalianEscape and then tidied, washed up (well Moo did mainly) and worked out who was getting what and if we had enough. We think we do!

We had time for a little bit of jigsaw puzzling before the kids came home. Smallest needed to take Gingerbread men to school on Friday for his class party so once he had his snack and got everything out we made some tiny men.

After dinner Smallest decorated most of his Gingerbread men and Moo and I finished them off. There were 33 for his class of 31. He did a wonderful job and his class should be very pleased.

Mine are the ones with the stripes and two with faces and hats and gloves and Moo copied mine and put hats and gloves and One with a skirt

This evening I had a visit from ExerciseNic and MissFlamingo with a gift from MissHorse for giving her knitting lessons. So cute and thoughtful. A homemade thank you card, a chicken mug with hot choclate and a bottle of baileys. All mine!

Small played on FIFA and Moo and I played Skip-Bo. When Smallest and Huffle went off to football practice, Moo and I walked for an hour around the Hamlet.


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