Saturday, 9 December 2017

I was brought up to smell the rain!*

Huffle and I went to bed early, so early in fact that Small was still watching his TV. Naughty boy got a shock when I walked in his room to check if he was ok. Still up past 10pm!!!! Huffle, Smallest and I got up before 6:45am and were very very tired! We left Small in bed asleep and we managed a tiny breakfast. I took a flask of hot water and one of coffee with me to the game plus a tired squashed bagel!

What a terrible game. 5-0 loss. The team were half asleep and very non-aggressive (well apart from Smallest) and the referee blew his whistle for everything! It was so bad that Huffle couldn't shout anymore. That's unheard of EVER! He even gave up abusing the ref!

We went home where Small had made scrambled egg for us. No toast, no tea, no table set but it was a start. We discussed it last night and he traded scrambled eggs from him if I made pancakes tomorrow. DEAL! But he did say (when we got home), "quick make the toast, I can't do everything you know!" Umm maybe I should try that line one day.

The boys watched the Stoke game (5-1 Loss eeek). I knitted and watched HolbyCity.

We went out to get a gift card for Christmas and then had calzones nearby and came home.

Huffle and I went out for a walk. It was quite cold and biting. We walked for about 45 minutes leaving the boys to tidy their rooms, practice piano and then play on FIFA.

Once back we all sat and watched StarWarsEmpireStrikesBack No5. We only managed ten minutes by the time everyone had got their tea and we found the right film. Then Small had to go to his football game (8pm start). Small got a goal tonight and his team won 3-0. Wahoo a double. Smallest and I watched HortonHearsAHoo before he went to bed.

I finished off some knitting projects and waited for the big boys to come home. Big snow is forecast for Monday.

Just a small covering today


* quote by Huffle. Our response. "You can't even smell your own Trumps!!!"


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