Saturday, 23 December 2017


At 1am, I came downstairs to get some water and checked the heating because it seemed quite warm. It was at 20.5* and was set to go up to 32*. Bloody hell, we'd melt in our beds!!!! I couldn't make it come down and had to get Huffle out of bed. It seems the 'up' switch was stuck. OMG! What if I hadn't come down!

My morning view from the landing window
Our tree

This morning the boys rushed through their breakfast and showers in order to watch the silly Stoke game. (Win). They were very happy. Moo and I watched several episodes of GavinandStacey whilst finishing off some wrapping.

For lunch we went to our local burger place. They do the best veggie burgers there. Then we hit several shops trying to help the boys get their presents for us. This proved quite difficult. We kept swapping kids so we didn't see our own presents. Three shops later and we were done. We picked up a few decorations in the sales and came home.

The boys went in their rooms to wrap and Moo heard them saying to each other "Are you okay? Don't forget to take the price off. Have you got the cellotape?" Funny lovely boys. Well until they spilt a water all over the floor and used the nice clean dry towels to mop it up! They made their beds with freshly laundered bedding and played on FIFA.

I wrapped stocking fillers (I mean Santa did) and Moo wrapped Huffle's presents to me. At least I know they will be nicely done.

We have another weather warning saying we are due snow Christmas Eve, possibly 10-15cm and snowing through until Christmas morning. Magical, glad we are staying in.

This evening we watched part of TheGrandTour until Smallest went to bed and then Moo and I watched LoveActually until Moo went to bed.

Happy 16th Birthday CousinE



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