Friday, 22 December 2017

Every little doesn't help

Well it snowed big and proper in the night. Too much snow and no buses running. Under my bedclothes I checked on my IPAd to see if any buses were cancelled and then text Small (downstairs) to see if Smallest wanted to go today. Technology, how brilliant.

Small couldn't get to school because our road wasn't ploughed early enough, the drive was full (15cm or 6" for you old 'uns), and Huffle was worried it would get worse when it was time to collect him. He was disappointed not to go because he was looking forward to his free breakfast, shorter lessons and a more fun day with the very few that do go in. Instead, he played on FIFA for far too long first thing this morning.

Smallest decided he wanted to go to school which meant someone had to walk him in. Small offered but Moo and I went and Small walked him home later. It was really hard walking as the snow was so soft and deep. No paths had been cleared and the road was tough going because silly cars kept going by! We got him to school, dropped off some teachers gifts and walked home. It wasn't too cold, apart from on our faces but we were worn out!

Small cleared half of the drive and the main path while Moo and I had breakfast. Later we played Disney Monopoly with Small. Huffle had to work but came down every now and then to see what we were doing. I won Monopoly in the end though we had to have a break for lunch and Moo was bankrupt. During our lunch, we watched a bit of TheGrinch because we knew Smallest was watching it at school. We finished it this evening.

This afternoon Small, Moo and I cleared the part of the drive that Small did (it got covered again) plus our house path and all around our cars. We also made a snow lady called Gorgeous Gloria. The snow wasn't very moldable and she turned out quite fat. The snow clearing was very hard work and earned Small more FIFA time. Moo and I made the Gingerbread for our Gingerbread house. Small and Huffle walked to collect Smallest and they all walked home.

Smallest had eaten too many nice things at school but had a good day. He came home with cards and treats. The boys and I worked on a Christmas present for Huffle and then they did a chore each and played on FIFA together. Moo and Huffle played table tennis.



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