Thursday, 7 December 2017

Yoda on the treadmill

The snow didn't settle and there was no sign of it by the time we got up this morning. We had 10-15cm forecast for the next few days and then it was reduced down to 6cm. Keep going and we might get nothing at all!

I like Thursdays because it's the only day in the week that I don't have to rush off to do something. I can have a relaxed breakfast sitting down and possibly watching TheAWord(BBC). I had a long list of things I wanted to do and I planned my route accordingly. I also wrote a couple more letters and addressed them all. Except for one which I realised after I got to the PostOffice. Luckily, having Huffle at home means I can get him to look things up and text me.

I started by popping to the supermarket. I like to buy a certain brand of washing up liquid (Dish Soap here which is why I can never find it). It's non-toxic and plant based and smells lovely. However it does cost more than Fairy (or whatever the equivalent is here), so when my latest bottle stopped pumping half way through, I was a little bit annoyed. Taking it apart I noticed the pumper pipe had a split in it and nothing was going up. I know I could have emptied it into another container but I felt inconvenienced, so I took my half full (ever the optimist) back and got a brand new bottle. Ha! Thank you MrPresident. While I was there I picked up a few essentials.

Next I went to BulkBarn (I sent Suffolk here yesterday for baking supplies. Somehow she had never been and was impressed except for it smelling like a pet shop!!) where I bought Marzipan (Almond Paste of course) and gold coins that Santa likes too put in everyone's stockings and cake decorations for the Christmas Cake and Gingerbread house for the boys to do!

My third stop was the PostOffice where I posted a multitude of letters and a parcel and it wasn't until I had walked away from the PostOffice lady that I realised my parcel may not be addressed correctly. I texted said receiver and luckily it was correct. Phew.

TownHall was next where I picked up a handful of water tester bottles which I will have to take back next week as they don't test over the weekend. I read the instructions and it says if there is E-Coli (OMG I hope not) present they will courier a message back ASAP. Eeeekkkk.

My last stop was to the sewing shop as I have been asked to make a SoupKoosie (like the one I made for Huffle and Small) as a Christmas present for a friend of a friend. I had no idea what to charge as I didn't know how much everything cost. Of course they don't have the cotton batting I needed so I have to wait. Still, I thought I might make a few and see if I can sell them. If I can't, they will be useful for the house.

I came home for lunch with Huffle and we watched Detectorists (such a clever and funny series).

Huffle found a treadmill for sale on Facebook nearby so he made an appointment for me to view it so I went to look at that this afternoon and while I was there I picked up Small from school (save him the 45 minute bus ride home). The treadmill was bought and the husband put it in my car. It was only $25. Basic but sure it will be fine. I went to collect Small and sat and watched student after student escape from school and Small was nowhere to be seen. I sent him texts telling him not to forget I was there waiting outside. When I saw several buses leave, I wondered if I should come home and was texting Huffle when I got a message saying "ooops sorry I'm on the bus, I'm coming". Dufus!!! He ran to my car and we went home. He didn't see any of my texts after the one asking if he wanted a lift until it was almost too late.

Small and I carried the treadmill from the car into the house and Huffle joined us and the three of us carried it down the stairs to the basement. It worked well until we tried to set the incline lower and a screw sheared off. We folded it up and will look at it another day.

The boys sat in Small's room with a biscuit each watching ImACeleb. Honestly, what a pair of old men! I made dinner and afterwards Smallest and Huffle went off to football. Small stayed behind and played on his tablet and I went for a walk with SamSmith (in my ears). I walked for over an hour and did over 6,000 steps (14,000 for the day). I took photos of some fo the houses I passed.

Despite having had a good day, I am feeling a little bit down. Writing to people back home made me a bit homesick, several people here are annoying me for one reason or another and poor Smallest got the brunt of my day by telling me he didn't have enough time to eat the salad I made (after he'd sat for an hour watching tv). Uurrrgggghhhhh. Friday tomorrow. All will be better!


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