Saturday, 30 December 2017

Doodie Doodie Boob*

All the boys watched Stoke lose badly to Chelsea while Moo and I watched CallTheMidwife. (We kept one eye on the Leicester score too BOO). I did some more crochet - nearly finished my car blanket for my knees.

We all played Rubiks Battle. If you have the same card as another person you shout 'RubiksBattle'. When Moo saw one she shouted Doodie Doodie and when I saw one moments later, I shouted 'Boob'. Very silly.

We had lunch watching more of TheGrandTour and then played several games of Kingdomino (I may be getting better!) and then a full game of DisneyMonopoly. Huffle and Small jointly won.

We did some jigsaw, some FIFA and all went out for dinner this evening.

This morning the temperatue registerd as -24 (real feel -32*). It snowed lightly most of the day. We drove to the Chip shop but it was closed so we called ahead to the Pizza place and ordered our calzones and pizzas which meant they were nearly ready when we arrived.

We popped to supermarket on the way home to pick up supplies for tomorrow as it is going to be another cold cold day.

More jigsaw, some tv and bed.


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