Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Wallpaper Burritos

In the middle of the night I woke up to the smell of toast. It was very pungent but no one admits to having any. A dream perhaps? Though I did wake Huffle to tell him and he remembers so I dint dream it all.

Huffle was due at work today but he forgot to get up. Luckily Moo remembered and we got him up in time to go and have an Office Breakfast which he said was the worst thing he had ever eaten. Wallpaper burrito, roasted non potatoes, weird bacon and fatty sausages that had no meat in. He did have a lovely dinner though with his workBBF.

The boys went to school and Moo and I went off to Costco. I spent a fortune buying bread and milk and who knows what else, plus a couple of Christmas presents. We packed up the car and went off to Homesense to take back a pack of socks that I have no idea why I bought. They are men's but the shoe size fits no-one in this house plus they are not the kind of socks any of them wear here. It was a complete mystery as to how they got in my bag and I paid for them! Anyway Homesense wouldn't take them back despite them being the same company as Winners (in fact it said Winners Homesense on the receipt) so we went to winners and they took them back.

We perused in Michaels and purchased a few things and then went for a bagel, shared cake and drink in Starbucks. We wandered around Indigo for a while and eventually came home. There was lots of sorting to do of breads and meat, freezer filling, a cup of tea and 20 minutes of Bancroft (ITV) before Small came home.

When Smallest came back he suggested we had a Christmas Crumble which is weird because we bought apples especially for a Crumble today. Moo made us a lovely one and we had it after our sausages, mash and beans. Some more wrapping was done and a game of SkipBo and then we got a Christmas puzzle out and did that until the kids went to bed.

Had a lovely parcel today from Jill. Chocloate coins and a card. Lovely.

She thought maybe Moo hadn't brought enough chocolate


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Sarah Tomson said...

😂 I imagine moo didn't have room for any clothes the amount of things on the table! Perhaps I'll send pants next time 🙊 xx