Monday, 25 December 2017

It's snowing from the landing window

Merry Christmas. We did have a White Christmas. Not only did we have a ton of snow fall during the night, it was still falling when we got up.

The boys woke us up at 7:45am. First they went and woke Moo up and then Smallest climbed in between us and Small sat on top of the bed until we got up.

We sat and opened our Stockings from Santa. We all got bath puffs, chocolate coins, pencils and some other little things. The boys sorted the presents into piles while we made breakfast of Croissants, juices, coffee and tea. The rest of the morning we spent opening all of our many presents.

Selection boxes and pants on head with new glass

Instead of hiding them this year (though a few were hidden and one has not been found yet because Ican't remember where I put it) I wrapped several smaller items in one bigger box and wrapped that up. It made it look like there weren't so many.

We had lots of lovely things - to read, to play, to make, to use and to eat. We were all very happy with everything we got. Huffle put the turkey on as it needed four hours. I tried to tell Smallest he needed to say when he would be hungry in four hours time but he just couldn't so we left it to Huffle to decide. I think we finally ate around 3:30pm. Small, Moo and I had leek, cheese and breadcrumbs in puff pastry which was tasty but not puffy. We had a multitude of vegetables, roasted potatoes, beetroots, parsnips and onion. It was very nice and there is far too much leftover. We didn't have pudding until 6ish when I made a treacle pudding and Moo made custard. Smallest came and hugged me and whispered "I just love Treacle Pudding Mummy, thank you".

The boys had the new FIFA game and so disappeared for periods of the day to play it. We played 'stinky pig' which Smallest had from Huffle and I. Very funny. You press his tummy and he sings 'de de duh duh de dee......' to the tune of pop goes the weasel. You roll a dice which tells you which way to pass the pig and dice and if it trumps (farts) while you hold it you get a coin. First person to reach three coins is out and the player with the least wins! Can't play it for too long though! We also played a card game called Rubiks Battle which was hard but good.

Smallest got glow in the dark stars and eyes, a moon torch, a star projector and glow sticks. Huffle got an Aroma Diffuser which changes colour and mists out essential oil smells. He also got two solar lights for the garden and I got a lava lamp. Bit of a theme there. The house is alight with wonderful colours and smells.

We had several books, bread making, recipe books, tea cosy knitting, beano, dandy, a few fiction, facts on cricket, bodies, world records and Ripleys. Remote control helicopter, card games, blanket, hats, scarves, pj's, pants, socks, gloves, puzzles, chocolates, biscuits, bags, coffee, mugs, tea, pictures, magnets. A soldering kit and an engraving tool plus bulbs, candle and a much wanted glass bowl full of baubles (broke one years ago and always missed it). I have a telescope for my phone which is tremendous. Small got a sandwich toaster and Huffle a shaver. There was a lot more but too much to name everything.

At the end of all the present opening I was handed an envelope with some clues on. Each clue found me a letter which I had to rearrange to make a word...............

I asked Huffle if I had to go to Pearson Airport Toronto to get my next clue and he shouted from another room "I'm sending you to England". When I realised he wasn't joking, I burst into tears. He is sending me to England for (he says two weeks but....well we are discussing it), all by myself. He feels I need it and I need time to be with friends. It means Grandma and Grandad have to forgo their Spring trip here and for that I am very grateful. Eeeeek I can't believe it. I need to start planning and teaching the boys how to cook so they can help out Huffle who will still have to work. Thank you Huffle for my very special lovely surprise present.

One of the funniest things of the day was when I opened a present to find a lip balm (I always lose my lip balms or the lip balm fairy takes them with the odd socks and hair Bands!) which was half used. I didn't say anything at the time because it was supposed to be from Santa and although I am pretty sure Smallest doesn't believe anymore, I am trying to keep the Magic alive. Anyway it seems that while Moo was wrapping Huffle's presents, my lip balm, that I was using, was also on the table and she just wrapped it up. Huffle did say he was surprised the scissors or cellotape weren't wrapped.

We had a FaceTime with HB and Grandma's house full of family and then later with Grandma and the few who were left. Looked like they had a good day too. Grandad is in Oz right now at the cricket. Huffle watched it much later but we didn't see him there.

The boys have built several Lego sets/nano blocks, smallest set up his light show and moon torch (looks very cool) and Small got his gadgets for his phone working and set up. I had a quick go at wood engraving and books have been leafed through.

Lovely lovely day.



Aunt Pear said...

Wow. What a lovely surprise. Well done Huffle. x

Wonder Woman said...

Would be lovely to see you if we an arrange it. What a lovely present xx

Sarah Tomson said...

Love 😍 Huffles present to you a catch up would be fab xxx