Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Chicken legs

We had a very tiny dusting of snow overnight. Temperatures started off at -16* (feels like 24* brrrr). The boys went to school still wishing for a snow day.

Moo and I left Huffle working and went off to exercise, armed with four knitted chickens, two cowls, a hat and a tin of flapjacks. We were supposed to have a relaxing workout but I'm not sure it was. My coccyx is hurting more today, possibly sitting in the car for too long yesterday or maybe it's the cold. It stopped me doing a V-Sit and any sit ups but I had to do a plank instead! We had a laugh as usual, ate our flapjacks at the end and I came home with a homemade jar of spicy pepper jelly, two Christmas ornaments and a tin of homemade cookies.

MrsM drove us there and then took Moo on to her house for coffee. I picked up my car and a Christmas cake for D and some more flapjack for coffee break. MrsM gave me a lovely English candle of Rose and Bergamot and I cut down some Bittersweet for our winter urns (if I ever get around to doing them).

Lunch with Huffle and watching some of Marigold Hotel (BBC1) and then Moo and I went off to do some errands. Shoppers (superdrug), Health Department to drop off our water sample and the fabric shop to pick up some batting. We were right next to Small's school but not quite in time to bring him home however we did get home before him.

We put away all the goodies Moo brought with her yesterday and then made a start on dinner. I left Moo to it while I gave MissHorse her last knitting lesson of the year. She finished her chicken. It was lovely and she was very pleased with it. I am very proud of her.

Dinner was eaten and Moo and I went through our Christmas presents before playing several games of Skip-Bo (I think she won them!!!). Small played FIFA and Smallest and Huffle went to football practice. Huffle did a bit of shopping while Smallest practiced.



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