Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Boom boom chow

Another middle of the night get up for me (not really but why is it so dark in the mornings?). My eyes were glued together. It takes so long for me to not have a puffed up face. What happens in the night to make my face look like that? Ten rounds with Amir Khan!

Small went to school and he forgot to bring home our tickets for tonight's band concert! Smallest went to school and came home without the form needed for him to join Ski Club this year, despite the many discussions we had on moving football for the five weeks it is on! I had to text the Ski teacher to ask if he could still join. Wish that boy would listen!

I got collected by MrsM and off we went to exercise. ExerciseNic didn't feel so well so we had a fairly easy morning. Lots of stretching though and weights. On the way home I took MrsM to see the secretary at the school as MrsM's son and the secretary are best friends but they haven't seen each other for a long time. It was lovely and they hugged a lot and had much to say to each other.

I FaceTimed Moo. Less than a week and she will be here. She was very excited. I made two soups for dinner later and then Huffle and I had lunch.

This afternoon I finished the soups (Chicken and sweet corn and Carrot, Lentil and Tomato), finished some more crochet, had a shower and tidied.

Small came home and we argued about pants and lunch bags and he flumped off to his room to do homework and watch ImACeleb. Smallest joined him when he got home. I gave MissHorse a knitting lesson and I showed her how to sew in her ends and we attempted to crochet some legs for her chicken. We didn't get on well but as her sister knows how to do it she said she will see if she can help her. We should sew it all up next week in time for Christmas.

Dinner was eaten and then we all went out to Small's school for his Christmas Band Concert. It was just over an hour's performance but obviously we had to get there earlier so Small could get his instrument and join his band mates. We heard the jazz band play several tunes but we didn't think they were very jazzy, good but not jazzy enough for us. The Grade 10's played, then the Senior Band, several soloists and a few smaller groups and a Bagpiper, with Christmas lights which was excellent, before our tall man played in the Junior Band. Of course his was the best and his Tuba was very loud (there are two other Tuba players, plus euphoniums which are just smaller Tubas in my opinion). It was an enjoyable performance and not too long or too warm or too packed. There were the usual annoying people but we can't do anything about them!!!

It was snowing when we came out.

Bye Stanley - can't say you will be missed.


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