Saturday, 2 December 2017

Don't marge me

Ahhh the weekend again. A nice sleep and a good lie-in. Showers and downstairs in time for MrBasement to help us uncover the mystery of why we have water in our basement trough. He thinks it's because the water table has been so high this year. Huffle thinks it has decreased greatly since we last checked. Another one to keep an eye on. MrBasment stayed for a cup of coffee and a long chat.

This morning we had the Stoke game on downstairs (win 2-1) and Leicester on upstairs (win 1-0) though we didn't get to see all the games as we had to take Smallest to his football game. We left Small at home. His throat is a little better but he had a terrible headache (possibly congested?, sounds very similar to what I had. Oh oh). Just before we were about to leave, Smallest realised he had lost his white football shirt. His team normally play in Gold and Black stripes but we have to keep the white one with us just in case the other team have a similar colour. We looked everywhere and eventually found it behind his pouffe in his bedroom. His very badly squirrelly bedroom which he promised me he would sort!!!! Maybe tomorrow when we have more time!

Smallest's football game was against the same team we played last Christmas time where a fight broke out on the field between two players and then another fight broke out between the parents. The consequences of which had OldCoached sacked! Anyway, they were as aggressive as they were that time and there were three yellow cards issued in today's game. Two of our players got hacked down and their supporters/parents were very vocal and constantly challenging the referee. We lost the game 1-0. It wasn't pleasant to watch.

We came home and Smallest had a shower, Small got changed and we went out to eat. We didn't realise it was the Santa Parade today so our choice of eatery took some getting to as the main roads were closed. However it did mean that Small and I could watch part of the parade outside while we were waiting for our food. For once it was a mild weather parade, normally it's freezing cold standing around!

Back home, Small sat in his room reading quietly, Smallest played on his tablet ad Huffle and I went for 4,500 step walk, possibly not as brisk as yesterday as we had just eaten.

We all watched ImACelebrity live and then finished RogueOne with our tea.

I now have a sore throat again (thank you Small).

This evening Huffle and I watched a strange film about the Moon Landing Conspiracy.

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