Thursday, 28 December 2017

7 Sugars MrsChristmas

Apparently yesterday we had record low temperatures for this time of year since 1962. I can't believe that yesterday was colder than today. It was bloomin' cold. We had an extreme weather alert and Huffle and I walked briefly to fetch milk and we were wrapped up like Scott of the Antarctic and we still felt it!!

After breakfast everyone got tidying up after the debris of Christmas Day. Presents were tidied or put away, clothes were hung up, floors swiffed or vacuumed and bathrooms cleaned. Moo made us baked potatoes for lunch, showers or baths were had and the boys eventually got to play FIFA.

Mid afternoon Mr&MrsChristmas came round for snacks, chat and a few games of cards. We introduced them to Newmarket - Small won. Then we taught them Stop The Bus which Smallest won. MrsChristmas and the boys ate some of their winnings (choc coins). They ended up staying until 8pm - we had a good time chatting and we sent the boys off to play on FIFA again after they played cards.

The boys went to bed and we watched a GreatChristmasBakeOff. "Do you like him yet Grandad?".

Love this card we got today



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