Thursday, 21 December 2017

Mama Jambobs

We have a weather warning in effect for lots of snow due this evening and into tomorrow. It's the last day of school for the boys and the day when they hand out their goodies to the teachers. At Small's school, they have a Skip Day tomorrow. This means the students don't have to go in (and lots don't) but it will be on their records that they are absent if they don't. Two of Small's teachers have said they expect students in and the other two said they didn't care (unofficially). Small wants to go in because he thinks it will be fun.

Moo and I decided to go for a lakeside walk today (her choice). We got to the car park around 11am armed with a flask each of hot water (so rock n roll), some birdseed and some shortbread. We started on the trail and stopped to feed the chickadees before moving on.

We saw deer, a big fat Cardinal and lots of chickadees and sparrows. The chickadees wanted all the nuts we had and they held it in their feet and pecked at it on the branches of the trees. So cute. We walked all the way to the lake (about an hour with bird stoppages) and met a bird watcher who was watching a Shrike.

At the waters edge it was much colder than the trail. The water wasn't iced this time though. We tried to drink our hot water (thermos keeps it too hot) and ate our shortbread and looked at the water, it was really weird in the distance on the horizon. We couldn't work out if it was shimmering in the heat (unlikely at -6*) or it was really rough and wavy. I realised I had only paid for an hour in the car park, so we walked back along the road this time, briefly bumping into MrShrike again who was feeding the chickadees and watching through his binoculars at the Shrike too. A mummy deer and her baby walked across the road in front of us and then watched us from the safety of the trees until we passed.

At the car, we decided to drive to another beach as we had seen photos of weird ice on it yesterday. It was indeed strange. It looked like a huge bits of glass sculpture were broken all over the beach, lining the whole lakeside. Very strange but quite beautiful. It was too cold there to stay and walk much so we came home for lunch.

This afternoon we made mince pies with the pastry Huffle made earlier for us. Moo also made jam tarts and lemon curd tarts.

We boxed up all the treats for tomorrow and cellophaned the goodie plates and finished off the Christmas Cakes. All done now. All bagged ready for the boys to take, if the bus is going!

Smallest and I made Lentil Dahl and Butter Chicken. Yum yum.


P.s. Free Molly Storer LBB


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Aunt Pear said...

Love your blue walking boots, look great x