Saturday, 19 September 2015

All weather football

An awful nights sleep once again. My throat hurt, my nose was blocked and then ran constantly, I was coughing, sneezing, hot and cold and of course I kept waking Huffle up too. In the end I came downstairs around 3pm and sat on my own for a while until I was so tired I went back to bed.

Everyone got up early so we could get to Smallest's last festival. His first game was at 10am and it was a 30 minute drive away (that's if it is in the place your map tells you it is, if it's not then you end up in a car park with no other cars and a small playing field that certainly does not fit 20 different teams!). We found a phone number and called the coach who told us where we should have been. Luckily there was still plenty of time for warming up and practice (though Huffle had to drop Smallest and I off while him and Small parked the car, which took forever).

The first game was against the toughest team we have had so far (and the one that our biggest rivals and absconding team members couldn't beat - that made our Coach very happy especially as we beat them). 3-2 win for us against this slick team. Small and I walked about three kilometres to go to the toilet when we could have just walked 300 yards but we had a good chat on the way.

The second game (Smallest was Captain) was against a dirty team with no subs and a changing goalie. One of our team clipped one of the opposition when he was holding him and then rolled around crying on the floor. Miraculously he got up and was healed instantly but then stuck his boot out (Huffle edit - it was a dangerous tackle with a very clear intent) for one of our players. Our fans were disgusted, the referee didn't know what to do (despite the fact that Huffle was shouting instructions at him). Eventually they put him in goal out of the way. At the end of the game 2-1 (to us) the other team skulked off without handshakes, no comments from their coaches or fans or family NOTHING NADA - disgusting!!!!!!

The weather was very strange all day. We had rain, hot sun, dark clouds, wind and a storm threatened. One minute we were under cover with waterproofs on and the next minute trying to get under the shade because the sun was too hot. We drove to a restaurant and had dinner and watched a few of the days sporting highlights on TV. The Rugby won by the Japanese, EPL football, Golf and Baseball.

We got home just before a huge rainfall started and then we all settled down for a late afternoon/early evening of relaxing, watching TV and playing.



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