Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pardon my reach volume 2

Small went off to school with his left pinky strapped up. I rang the school secretary to inform her of his finger break. When he broke his thumb a couple of years ago, the secretary never called me because she knew that we were entertaining family in Toronto and didn't want to bother us (plus she didn't know it was broken). Ever since that time, she calls me for everything (just in case). When I told her he had broken his finger but that he never told anyone it hurt she said "thank goodness for that, oh I mean not thank goodness but you know". I did know. I said there was no blame with the school but I thought they should know as he did it there and it might need to be entered into the accident book.

I went off to my exercise class which was very hot and sticky. We worked hard so I guess I won't be able to sit down again tomorrow. It was fun though and we had plenty of laughs. Back home after my shower I called the hospital and made a follow-up appointment for Small's finger. We have to go next Wednesday morning. I think they will X-Ray it again and make sure it is healing.

I went to Suffolk's house and we went for a nice lunch together and a quick trip to a Farmers Market and a fabric shop which smelt of cigarette smoke, Thats not a good smell for material is it?! We popped to a supermarket and picked up a few things for dinner and I came home with two more slabs.

The boys came home. Small's finger was very hot and we took his splint off and let his finger sit in cold water to cool it off. It's not an easy splint to get on and off though. Homework and chores were done and tablets played on while I made dinner.

This evening we went to register the boys for indoor football starting in October. Huffle had registered online and we just needed to prove their date of births and pay. Outdated system that it is, you can't pay online. There was a long queue when we arrived and when we finally got to the front we were told that we had to register both boys (we didn't register Small because of Rep) and we had to have the receipt numbers. Huffle asked if we could use a computer there but we weren't allowed despite the fact that someone later was using it to do exactly the same thing! Eventually we sorted it all out and paid. Both boys are ready to play.




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