Tuesday, 15 September 2015

That famous footballer Paylay

Huffle worked from home, the boys went to school and I went to work. Today I did cuttings of Coleus. Many many many types of Coleus. One of them was called Pele and I heard "oh Paylay the soccer player"! For coffee break we had some of Jan's lovely maple Butter Shortbread (oh I need that recipe too). She brought me the recipe for last week's Pecan Brown Sugar Squares. Watch this space!

Huffle and I had lunch and then I Facetimed Moo. Unfortunately she was on her way out so we only spoke briefly. I spent an hour on the side garden putting down the two heavy slabs I got yesterday, doing some weeding and moving a couple of plants.

The boys Squash' are growing very big now - my foot in photos to show size

The boys came home, Small had his first lot of homework and in gym had hit the end of his little finger on a football. It was swollen and a bit crooked but he could bend it so he got an ice pack and did his homework. I went off to get my eyes tested - my Long Distance Is 20/20 and my near sight is the same as before so I keep my reading glasses.

When I got home I made dinner and then we all played Squarrels. Small's finger was very bruised, very swollen and was pulsing. It hurt him to move it so I took him to the local emergency hospital. Last time he was here he did a similar thing but it was just a strain and he was in and out in no time. When I brought him here when he broke his thumb we were there for five hours. It was busy today and no-one could even register us because there was no one free. After half an hour we saw the Triage Nurse, got registered and moved into a room by ourselves with a TV. We had brought our IPads in case we were there all night. Not long after he was x-rayed. All in all we were only there for 80 minutes when we found out he had broken his finger. It is on the growth plate but the doctor didn't think there would be a problem. He had a bendy thing put on and taped (easy take on and offable) and I have to call the Plastics Department tomorrow to get an appointment in about 10-14 days. They will need to x-Ray it again to make sure it is healing properly. Poor Small, though he says he is fine. He was supposed to be going off to camp this weekend but that will have to be cancelled now and Basketball starts next week.




Aunt Pear said...

Poor Small, get well soon x

famfa said...

He says thank you aunt pear x