Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Pinch Punch September Sunshine

Today the temperatures were supposed to hit 30* and for September, that's very good. The boys and I took advantage of the good weather and headed to Cobourg Beach (about 75 minutes drive). Armed with a coolbox full of lunch and cooling drinks, three chairs, a blanket, a football and four reading books (one being the Harry Potter Quiz Book which seems to accompany us to all beaches now) plus a shade umbrella, we headed off around 10:45 stopping for sun cream and petrol on the way.

Cobourg Beach is a vast expanse of sandy beach in a bay next to a camping ground for RV's. The water is shallow and very clear but not very warm. Certainly not as warm as Lake Huron (maybe it's bigger). The beach was full which surprised me but I guess other people had the same idea as us. The kids are back at school next Tuesday after all. We chose our spot next to the lake and while I put up the umbrella and arranged towels and books, the boys went straight in for a swim. I paddled but no further than calves to start with.

Smallest started a sandcastle and made a mountain with a drawbridge and a moat which he then filled with water. We had our lunch and then started on Small's mountain. He dug down until he found water and then his hole started collapsing by itself. We built castles and walls and steps (I saw a man take a photo of it while we were in the water later).

Small persuaded me to go in the lake and said once I got my shoulders under it was fine. I tried and I did swim but it was too cold for me. I sat and finished my book instead. We toddled off in search of ice creams and to put more money in the meter for the parking. Small had a Chocolate Monkey (banana and choc), I had a Cappucino Biscotti and Smallest had a Lemon Sorbet. We ate them on the way back to the beach.

Small did a bit of reading, a bit more digging and then they both went in the lake again. Little fishies. Someone on the beach was offering free art sessions next to us. They had brought music and canvases and paint onto the beach for people to have a go. I think it was free, maybe donations but apparently she chose a different beach each day to do this. She even cleared the beach of rubbish first thing this morning and smoothed out the sand. (Small said he overheard her say that the beach people gave her $40 which paid for her family's lunch and the art supplies). The boys didn't want to partake and at 3pm we decided to make a move before the traffic was bad going home.

We stopped at the library on the way back and by the time we got home there were jacket potatoes baking in the oven for us. Thank you Huffle. I made a salad with some home grown onion and we had Cheese and Beans with our potatoes. The boys cleared the table for us and filled the dishwasher and then we all played on our tablets/IPads. I think the temperature was hotter here in the Hamlet than where we were and it stayed hot right through till sunset.


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