Monday, 21 September 2015

Monday, Tuesday, No Monday!

A very good nights sleep where the boys forgot to wake me at 7:30 so I had a bit of a lie-in. My throat still hurts and my voice is weird and I have a slight cough that strips my throat OUCH! After the boys went to school I watched a bit of TV with my breakfast and was very tardy in getting dressed, which is why I had a visitor (to be fair she did email me first but I didn't see it). It was ExerciseNic who wanted to borrow some Silver Birch Logs for a photo shoot she is doing.

This morning I went grocery shopping and stocked up the pantry. Back home I put everything away and Huffle and I had lunch. We are watching the This is England series which we are finding very funny. I don't know how we missed this as we were still in England when it aired. We have three series to watch and lucky for us, Channel 4 have them all on their site. This afternoon I went for a lovely forest walk with NoCustard. It was perfect conditions - no mosquitoes, warming sunshine but cool enough to walk, nice soft paths and we met a couple of lovely dogs on the way. It was nice to catch up properly with NoCUstard and we are hoping to try and make it twice a week for our future walks. We walked for about 75 minutes. While we were walking I got a call from the Principal at school. Smallest had had an incident where his knee and elbow was scraped when another boy tripped him up. This is the same boy that has hurt him in one way or another three times now. The principal wanted me to know that she was dealing with him and the situation and that she was letting the parents know. He said he did it on purpose but that it was because he asked for his football to not be played on the pavement in case it burst, and the other kids were playing with it. IN MY OPINION, IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE SO PRECIOUS ABOUT SOMETHING THEN YOU SHOULDNT BE TAKING IT TO SCHOOL. The principal thought there were two incidents and I informed her that there had been three. Small apparantly took care of Smallest and took him to the office and helped to clean his wounds. That's nice. He also kicked the boy in retaliation to the same boy kicking Small - that's not nice and I told him to keep away as it wouldn't look good if Small got into trouble for hitting a boy younger than him despite what the other one was doing. Huffle is not pleased and says this is the last chance for the school to sort it before he goes knocking on the parents door!!!!

Before I went out I roasted a whole Cauliflower with garlic and onion and when I got back I made it into a soup. PARP SAYS I. The boys came home from school and I patched up Smallest's wounds before he had his piano lesson. Small struggled with his finger so we may have to stop lessons till it is healed but they both did well. They are going to learn Toy Story Theme as a duet. Smallest and I made Chocolate Zuccini Muffins too.

After dinner we all got on our bikes and cycled to the other end of the Hamlet to take the boys to Scouts and Cubs though on the way we got an email saying that Cubs starts next week! We helped to deliver leaflets with the Cub Leader and his son. We covered a good distance going up and down all the drives and finally finished past 7:30pm. By then it was dark so we cycled home.

I think I may have overdone it a bit today. I'M DONE!


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