Sunday, 20 September 2015

Feeling Chilli?

Poor Huffle had to sleep in the loft last night as My nose was so blocked I was snoring all night. Small came and woke me at 5am because his splint had slipped off and he couldn't get it back on (that was tough to do at that time of the morning). The boys then woke me again early on because they were loud watching the TV.

We all went to the Chilli Festival at Port Perry today. $10 for mug and a spoon and a chance to taste ten different chillis. The boys had a mug between them and Huffle had his own. I of course don't eat meat so this was useless to me. Luckily the town is full of stalls and open shops, music and a few crafts for the kids.

The boys did a tin craft where they had to draw a picture on craft tin, wrap it around some card and then put shoe polish on, leave it to dry and shine it up. They looked quite effective. They could have decorated a pumpkin each too but they ran out.

Some of the queues for the chilli were really long but they ended up trying all ten chillis and were pretty sure about the ones they liked and the ones they didn't. One had lumps of meat in it and the beans weren't cooked, one was made of pulled pork, there was a veggie one but Huffle said it was like a vegetable soup. Huffle and Small agreed on their favourite (the butchers) but Smallest chose a different one (a supermarket chain - the one with lumps of meat - little dinosaur).

I went into a restaurant and asked if I could have a soup to take away (I don't think they normally do it and I wish they had told me no because I had to wait so long which is ridiculous because I was standing there like a lemon and it wasn't like they had to make it from scratch). One of the chilli places were giving away free beer tasting but because Smallest stood in line he got a sticker instead. HASNT HE LEARNED YET THAT HIS MOTHER DRINKS BEER? I got my testing and it was very nice.

We listened to music, checked out the petting zoo, tasted a sample of ice cream and had a proper one later and walked along the waterfront. Small bought some popcorn and we bumped into NoCustard and had a chat.

Mid afternoon we drove to our local town for the Football Trials for Smallest. Yesterday his coach told us that smallest was on no matter what but we didn't want to tell him that and I think he was a bit nervous. The club told us that over 40 kids were trying out but there weren't nearly that many, maybe half and that included most of the original team. Half way through the coach came over and said he thought that Smallest wasn't playing at his best today but even if it was his worst then he was far better than most of them there today. There seemed to be a couple of good new ones but overall they weren't great. There is another try out next week so hopefully there will be some more then.

One of the new boys should have passed to Snallest but instead he hugged the ball. The coach shouted "if you want to play by yourself, play tennis!"

Huffle and Small played football while the trials were going on and I sat and watched. After an hour and a half, we came home. Smallest wanted to play football in the garden (doesn't he ever stop?) and Small wanted to play on his tablet. Huffle watched the football from yesterday (where Stoke couldn't beat Leicester, just got a draw) and a we watched the last of the Lord of the Rings films. Apparently I went to the cinema to see the last one but I don't remember a thing about it. I think Huffle took his other girlfriend!!



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