Friday, 11 September 2015

Hey Woman!

This getting up every morning at 7:30am is tiring. No wonder I was loving the Summer Holidays so much. I neglected to mention yesterday that I had trouble moving due to my exercise class on Wednesday. Oh my goodness, despite the fact that she went easy on us, I struggled A LOT! And today was no better!

It looked like it wasn't a very nice day outside but it was still warm and sunny though there were some very dark clouds looming. After the boys went to school and Huffle went in to the office, I went off to knitting. I haven't been for the whole of the Summer but today was special. When I first joined the knitting group 3.5 years ago there was a regular group of seven ladies (and shopkeeper El) who all met up week after week. They were very welcoming and lovely. One moved away up North 2 hours drive away soon after and another moved to BC about a year ago. Another one dropped out altogether soon after and the rest of us continued with new people coming and going. Today the original group (plus some additions) all got together again for a knit and then lunch. It was lovely and we had a good catch up. I ate a cup of butternut soup and a Falafel Pita with veg. Ummm ummmm it was delicious. After lots of hugs and promises to keep face booking and knitting, we all went our separate ways.

Huffle was home when I got back. He had had a hard morning at the office and was glad to be home. He disappeared upstairs and continued working and I went for a walk to the General Store for stamps and to post my letters. A UPS man was in the shop and he was surprised I needed stamps asking "do people still write letters?". Well I do. He asked where I was from and said he had been in Leicester 20 years ago and t was a dump with Dog Poo on the streets! I told him there was beautiful countryside there and he said I was probably right but the City was not nice and he preferred Canada.

At home I sat on the porch waiting for the boys and texting Yahoo (nice pins!). They had had a good first week at school. Small had got 4 interceptions (something to do with Amercian Football). He wrote in his agenda about playing Football and I said "football? Do you mean Amercian Football? " he said "I have to write that I live in Canada". I said "just tell them your Mum is English and she doesn't understand Canadianisms". He looked at me and said "Mummy, I'm English!" I know Poppet, but you can do Canadian, I can't! Three of the kids in Smallest's class were off all day today. They were in a hockey tournament. Apparantly the teacher wasn't too happy. I should think not - the first week of school?!

Here they are

Smallest and Huffle practiced Chip Kicks again this evening after dinner. Smallest has a football festival tomorrow and has to be there at 8am (at least a half hour drive away so they will need to leave around 7:30am - Small and I may not be attending this one as it is supposed to be very rainy!!).

When I went up to the loft for a cuddle with Smallest at bedtime, I was cold and he was warm, I climbed into bed and pulled the cover up over us. He threw it off and I did it again. He said "get that cover off me woman!" He giggled when I asked where he learnt that from. Was it from Top Gear? (No it wasn't he said) Had he heard Daddy saying it? (Huffle says he wouldn't dare!). Was it from TV? Did one of his friends say it. He thought it was very funny but did not know where it was from. He didn't want me to tell Huffle but I promised him he would laugh so we told him but then said he couldn't say it again! Little monkey, now where has he got it from?


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