Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Vote for Horse Carrots*

I got up extra early this morning in order to make some muffins to take on our trip this afternoon (we had been invited to an afternoon at a pool, a friend who I met at Pottery). Bearing in mind I am not a morning person and I don't like to do anything till I have at least drank my morning hot water followed by morning coffee, I did make 12 Chocolate Courgette Muffins. I have successfully made this recipe many times so can almost make it in my sleep, except for when I decide not to put my spoon into the salt jar but to tip the salt on the spoon instead (I think you can guess how this story is going to go.....). Bang, all the salt goes in. I tried to tip the salt out leaving the rest of the dry ingredients safely in and I thought I'd done it and even tasted the wet ingredients to check if it was salty tasting. Doh! That's where not having my morning drinks comes in into effect again. I tasted the wet ingredients and they were fine but the dry ingredients (which obviously includes salt!) were not. Still it all got mixed and went into the oven and baked to perfection. I then had a quick breakfast and left for work.

I left the boys instructions for some chores to do before going on any electronics and also to test a muffin between them to check the saltiness. At work we spent most of our time in the greenhouse making cuttings of the pelargoniums. At coffee time we chatted about MrsM's recent tour of Scotland where she encountered NO RAIN at all and had a fabulous time. Jan baked us Zuccini Loaf (less the salt) and we tidied the veggie garden.

The boys squash garden looking good. Squash's getting so big

I came home early because of going out in the afternoon until I was informed that the host was running late (despite the fact that it was at her house) so we Facetimed Moo while we waited and got our stuff together. Finally we arrived at Jacq's house where she had a lovely in ground pool and the boys jumped in at once. She also has a son around Small's age and Suffolk's Kids were also there. They all got along brilliantly and played in the pool for most of the time. Us three Mum's got to chat whilst watching them play and occasionally shouting "watch your head" and "don't dive there" etc etc. We had a lovely time and helped to finish off some snacks that were made for us and the muffins which were really nice. Salty but somehow it worked. I don't suppose I could recreate them as I have no idea how much salt actually went in. Jacq was getting rid of her sons clothes and games so everyone got to have a look and see what they wanted. We came home with quite a few clothes, some bedding, a blanket, cushion and several games.

Just as we were setting off for home (about 5pm), Huffle called and asked if we wanted to go to a Blue Jays game tonight. I said no as it was too hot (temperatures were at 31* at that point and we had already had a bit of thunder) but the boys said that they wanted to go, so we called him back and he got us tickets.

Saw this van on our travels!

As soon as we got home we rushed to get changed and drove straight into Toronto. The traffic was awful and it took forever but we eventually got there, parked the car, walked to the Rogers Centre (quite a walk), grabbed a slice of pizza each and headed to the game. We arrived a bit late and the queues were really long but we had our pizza to eat and we got in not too long after the start.

We had good seats in the top part but with a good view and the roof started to open not long after we sat down. Smallest was too tired and hot for the whole game and really struggled but he managed to stay awake. It was a good game and the Blue Jays won 5-1 (against Cleveland). We had a crowd in front of us who were desperate to start a Mexican Wave and in the end they managed it.

A long walk to the car followed and a slow drive home with lots of muppets driving very badly. We got home around midnight and the boys went straight to bed.



All the election boards everywhere at the moment have plenty of interesting names, but the one that caught my eye was Horse Carrots positioned next to a councillor's board. Yep, that's who I'm voting for.


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