Sunday, 6 September 2015

Who do you think you want you are?

We are under a heat warning for today and tomorrow with humidex temperatures over 30* and nearing 40*. Huffle decided to put the air con on again in preparation as overnight temperatures are likely to be around 23* (that's not comfortable for sleeping in).

Smallest's tummy was feeling fine this morning so I wonder if his problems yesterday was heat related with rich food on top! Small had a tummy ache after breakfast thigh and had to lie down with the fan on. I am still suffering with a sore throat and weariness but feeling much better. We had a pancake breakfast and after Smallest had cleared his bedroom floor (in preparation for his new paint) we all went up to the pool to have a look. It was very clear and it was just too tempting for Smallest who desperately wanted to jump in despite the fact he still had his PJ's on. I said he could go in and after checking with me that I was serious - in he went. Then Small joined him and I did too. All of us in our clothes. Only Huffle had proper swimming shorts on. We stayed in for a while, careful to stay in the shade as it was very hot and we had no suncream or hats. We sat in the shade drying off and then came in for a cool.

We had lunch watching the beginning of Lord of The Rings. We tried to watch this with the boys a few years back but Smallest got bored. He managed more but didn't want to to watch it all so we stopped it and they went on their tablets while we called Grandma and Grandad on FaceTime on the porch. Even though we were completely shaded, it was very hot. They said it was cold there. Oh dear.

The boys continued on their electronics and Huffle and I played a couple of games together on ours before we prepared and cooked dinner. We were going to have a BBQ but it was too hot to cook outside so we had an indoor one instead with chicken, sausage, couscous, veggie burger, beans from the garden and accompanying veg cooked with our one red jalapeƱo pepper and corn on the cob.

After dinner, Smallest played outside while the rest of us played Catan. We had to water the garden tonight as it was looking very parched. We can't remember the last time we had rain and the rudbeckia and hydrangeas were wilting badly. Normally we don't water the garden (except the veggies) at all but the poor things were so thirsty.



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