Friday, 18 September 2015

Terry cross the Mersey

Today the boys ran around their school field for the Terry Fox Run. Small ran for Aunt Pear and Smallest ran for Uncle Dermott (though his label actually said Grandpa - it seemed he got a bit confused and told the person who was writing the labels that Uncle Dermott was his Great Grandad and they wrote Grandpa). The whole school raised money for Cancer Research.

I went off to knitting today despite the fact I felt really rough. I desperately needed to get HB's socks finished and I only had to cast off one sock. However when I finished it I couldn't get it over my foot so El took pity on me and did it for me. It was then packaged up and I spent the next half an hour (so slow) in the Post Office. Honestly, I don't think it has ever taken me so long to knit anything. Sorry HB.

I picked up a few things for lunch and dinner and came home for lunch with Huffle. Mid afternoon, Huffle and I went to school for 'Meet the Teacher' day. We were met at the front door by the new principal who guessed we were Small's parents from our accents (she is a new Head Teacher there and she doesn't know all the kids but because Small has been in her office signing the accident book, she knows him, plus she commented on his accent too).

We found Small's classroom and his teacher was busy talking to another parent so we looked around the classroom and tried to find his desk. Another mum (who we know well) barged in and started talking to the teacher. WHY DO WE HAVE TO BE SO BRITISH AND WAIT FOR SOMEONE TO SPEAK TO US FIRST, OR WAIT FOR OUR TURN. We have to change this else we will be walked all over FOREVER! This mum was even ruder when I mentioned that Small would not be going to Scout Camp (one of the leaders) because of his finger. She sneered at me and said "I know when I heard I thought SERIOUSLY is it that bad?" I said "well it's broken!!" How bad does it need to be? Surely a Scout Leader doesn't want to take responsibility for a newly broken finger especially when the theme of the camp is War re-enactment. Honestly, some people are SO RUDE!!!!!!

Small's teacher was very happy with the way Small had settled in and said we could come to him anytime if we had any concerns or problems and so could Small. He had him last year for Maths and Science so he knew who we were. We peeked through the window and watched Smallest running round the field. It looked like he had a huge bruise on his cheek and we were worried he had been hit again so we went to check on him. It was a tattoo!

Next we saw Smallest's teacher who showed us his desk (not too messy) and a piece of work he had done about 'his hero'. Huffle was disappointed to read it wasn't him. It was Peter Crouch! Honestly, not even Filbert Fox!

He was very happy with the way he has settled in and especially liked me telling him that Smallest was very happy when he wrote on his agenda that he had an excellent first week. He said he was very intelligent, reading a very advanced book and were we going to test him for The Gifted Programme. I told him that I was told not to get Small tested a few years ago because the school would not support the program and he would have to be moved to a different school. Smallest's teacher said we should do it anyway and just see first and worry about it later. He said we could decide what to do in a couple of years if we wanted. We took the forms and filled them in. I think they get tested in November.

While Huffle went back to work, I popped to MrsRoyals and had a cup of a tea and good chat before coming home to find the boys had played football in the garden, had a milkshake and were playing on their tablets. We all made dinner and ate it in front of Lord of The Rings ll.

Huffle heard from Grandad today from his jolly boys holiday - he is in an all inclusive resort - oh dear, that could be dangerous!! Last time Grandad was in an All inclusive resort he purchased a coconut full of rum from a beach vendor (silly Grandad), oh and also rented a jet ski and ran out of petrol. I know that has nothing to do with anything but wanted to share.


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Aunt Pear said...

Aah thankyou Small for running. Hope the finger gets better quickly, sorry you're missing camp. I'm watching the Solheim Cup b4 tidying house for HB's friends bash for her birthday, theme is "pub golf" !