Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Mr Bump and Jammy Doughnuts

Once the boys were off on the bus which was early again, wearing their shorts because it is still hot and wellies because it had rained during the night and was still raining this morning, I went off to aerobics (also wearing my wellies). It was hot in the exercise loft today but we had the air con on. This is the first time I have done proper exercise since the start of Summer. It was hard work, partly because it was so hot and partly because I am out of practice. ExerciseNic went easy on us (apparently).

At home Huffle had started painting Smallest's room so I helped him in between making Ginger and Dark Chocolate Muffins and Jam Doughnut Muffins. The idea being that I can freeze them and the kids can have some for lunches (and maybe we can have one later whilst watching The Great British Bake Off).

The first coat actually got finished in Smallest's room and I put his stuff in the loft so he could sleep up there for a few days until it's all properly finished and aired. It looks amazing. Very different to the pale pale blue he had before. It reminds Huffle of MrBump and Leicester City and it reminded me of Thomas the Tank Engine and the Blue Jays. He was very happy when he saw it.

The boys classes have been changed again. Just two days into their school year and they have changed all the classrooms round. They did this last year and upset a lot of kids. Luckily ours are still in the same classes but they do have kids joining them that could be disruptive (hopefully their teachers will sort that out). The excuse this time is that there was a 'fluctuation in enrolment' so it upset the classes but I think (just my humble opinion) that some of them parents complained about the class placements and so they moved them!!!!

Smallest watched a film today in Science about Plants and Animals and while the older kids in his class did French, his Grade did Cursive Writing (but I'm hoping that he picked up some French too). Small did some more on his writing assignment which is to establish how well they can write and see how much they improve at the end of the term when he gets them to do it again. Small also played American Football and it seems he is good at doing 'hutting'!

I made dinner and Smallest and Huffle went to football practice. After Small's shower, we played Catan online together.

Smallest went to bed in the Lofty Kings Bed with Smelly and Pluto and Pooh. Lucky boy.


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