Sunday, 13 September 2015

Cowboy Kev - Never forgotten

Last night while we were sitting watching TV, a mosquito whined in my ear. I whacked at it and accidentally punched myself under the eye. It really hurt (the mosquito disappeared shortly after so I'm hoping I landed that one too). I then had to sit with a bag of frozen blueberries on my eye. What a Wally!

Small woke in the night feeling sick but his sore throat had disappeared. Unfortunately he now has a fearsome cold. Huffle and I still have sore throats and as the day wore on, we felt much worse. Smallest seems fine except that he is very sensitive (which normally means he is going to be ill in some way BOOOO).

This morning, after breakfast, we took part in two 'pass the parcels' during HB's Birthday Party via the magic of Skype. We had three forfeits to do which included 1. twerking by me (not a pretty sight), 2. Smallest running to the bottom of the garden and back in the rain! 3. All of us singing Twinkle Twinkle. It is HB's birthday tomorrow HAPPY BIRTHDAY HB FROM US ALL.

Later we moved Smallest back into his bedroom (when I went in there last night the rain was coming through the open windows and a skunk had left a smell under his window. It was disgusting - luckily I had closed our bedroom windows earlier). I Fabrezed it and closed the door. Today it smelt much better. We did a few bits of tidying and washing and drying and played on our gadgets. Huffle and I made sure we had all measurements, photos, plans, details etc ready for our IKEA kitchen trip on Thursday.

For a late lunch we heated some frozen chilli (Huffle also added one of our JalapeƱos to theirs) and had it with Jacket Potatoes. It was just what we needed to fire away our colds and sore throats and keep us warm. It was very rainy all day and very cool. We should have been going to the Rep Football party but rain stopped play! It should be Thursday night instead now.

The afternoon was spent playing Draughts, Chess, Chinese Checkers and watching some of the second Lord of the Rings film until Smallest got fidgety again. Then we played a game of Catan and the boys had a quick tea before bed. Both went to bed early (Huffle and I went to bed early last night too). We are blaming the germs at school.

Huffle and I watched the last Odyssey - what a fabulous series this has been.


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