Friday, 4 September 2015

Don't wear white after Labour Day*

Another sleepless night. Too hot (had to turn the air con to cooler), felt sick and had a sore throat. Now whenever I eat anything spicy, I get a sore throat afterwards. Normally it goes away after a couple of hours but last night it didn't and it got steadily worse and then my tongue seemed to swell too. Even an ice cream didn't help. I wondered if I had an allergic reaction but think it is just a virus as I have been hot and cold all day and feeling very rough.

After breakfast, the boys and I played the new Indiana Jones game (me under a blanket on the sofa trying to get warm while it was 31* outside. In the end we turned the air con off just to get some warmth into the house. There wasn't an awful lot else done this morning and after lunch I took Smallest to his friends house to play. Huffle finished work early, as it is Labour Day weekend, so we went off to a shop, leaving Small home alone happily playing on the computer. We printed out some photographs, bought some frames and other bits we needed and after two hours we came home via Small's friends house. Small didn't want to come home yet so we left him and came home to sort our photos out.

Huffle had promised the boys a poster or photo of their beloved Stoke Football team (honestly!!!!) so he got them to choose the photos they wanted and we printed and framed them. Small took every picture down in his room and we rearranged them nicely (he also got rid a of a few he didn't want anymore).

I framed two of my photographs and put them in my newly painted bathroom......

.....and when Smallest came home he chose where to put his (we still need to decorate his room).

Bless him, he chose where to hang them and put the football stickers on too.

We also bought a new BlueRay/DVd player as ours broke and wouldn't play the game properly this morning (it has been playing up for a while). Huffle spent the early evening setting it up (after spending a considerable amount of time writing in my anniversary card - I wondered how many words it took to tell me how perfect I was!).

Huffle took us out for dinner and we sat at the bar, watched a bit of baseball, chatted, played and had a nice evening until I broke one of my teeth on a chip! Oh dear, I have just been to the dentist too and now I can't go until at least Tuesday because of the long weekend. It doesn't hurt yet so hopefully that will be the end of it (fingers crossed).

The boys watched Top Gear at home before going to bed.

* we asked our waitress what Labour Day was for. She didn't know and had to look it up but she could us tell this "you should never wear white after Labour Day, something to do with the fashion and the snow coming!" Rightio then!


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