Saturday, 12 September 2015

Put a pig mask on your scarecrow

We had to have a blanket on our bed last night and that's ridiculous after the 30+ temperatures we have been having recently. It rained all night and it appeared very wintery this morning. Huffle and Smallest got up very early for their football festival, slowly followed by Small and I (reluctantly). Small and I decided to stay at home and watched a film with our breakfast wrapped in a blanket (our breakfast wasn't wrapped in a blanket, just us!).

Huffle and Small arrived at the festival half an hour late (though asking the players and their families to arrive an hour before the game start in the pouring rain was a bit much really), but just in time for the rain to stop. Smallest's first game at 9am was a 3-2 defeat and his other teammates' heads hung low. Their second game however was a 3-0 victory and they went away happy with their 'caps'.

Small and I made flapjack and brownies in readiness for the football party tomorrow afternoon (if rain doesn't stop the festivities). We worked very hard and rewarded ourselves with a couple of online games of Catan.

Huffle and Smallest came home, got changed and we all went out for a fish and chip supper (well lunch really). The boys dressed in shorts and tee-shirts but it was really cool and we even moved away from the restaurant window because it was draughty there!

Smallest did not want me to take this photo of sandals, shorts and fleece!

Back home we played a proper game of Catan and tried the Chocolate Brownie (just in case) and then sat and watched the end of Lord of the Rings (that's taken us three sittings to watch that - I blame Smallest.

The boys had their tea whilst watching Top Gear in India.

Huffle, Small and I all have sore throats and we are all very tired. BOOOOO.

Huffle is unhappy that Arsenal (spit) beat Stoke. BOOOOOO. (Though I am definitely NOT a Stoke fan, I am even more NOT an Arsenal fan).

The pool is leaking and has turned green again. BOOOOOOO.

We have been picking a chilli a day. HURRAH.



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