Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Scaring the Crows

I woke up with no voice (Hurrah for Stu) and I was grateful I cancelled going in to work late last night. I had a feeling I wouldn't be up to it. Still feeling quite rough and now Smallest has developed a seal cough. Both boys went off to school with some throat sweets today.

I sent this photo to Grandma because she is in charge of a 6 monthly window clean and I wants to show her some naughty hand prints - she is going to be Miss Marooe and find out whose they are!

I was put on house rest but when there is so much to do, that is hard to abide by. I managed some washing and made Grandma and Grandad's bed. I also did a lot of knitting on a pair of socks I am making for myself out of all the ends of wool I have. Could be a funky mix! I also watched Downton Abbey and made a start on the Scarecrow as we have a competition in the Hamlet.

The theme is 'recycling' and as we have a box full of wine and beer bottles ready to take back to the Beer Store I wondered if we could incorporate them somehow. That's when Huffle came up with the idea "put me in a wheelbarrow and take me to Thailand". A couple of years ago, Huffle, me and the boys went over to Centre Island Toronto. In the middle of the gardens we spied a gaggle of hobos, one of them in a wheelbarrow. They were all drunk and the one in the wheelbarrow shouted "put me in a wheelbarrow and take me to Thailand". From this day forward, the kids assume that that's what you say when you are drunk. Hence the title, plus it's us recycling our waste.

I made the scarecrow in the wheelbarrow by filling a pair of Huffles old trousers with leaves and then filling a charity shop jumper (100% wool which I purchased to make into felted mittens) with more leaves. The head is made from a football covered with material and one of my straw hats. When the boys came home they helped me to make another one that was pushing the wheelbarrow. This was from a pair of my old jeans and Huffles shirt, once again full of leaves. The head is agin a football covered with a plastic bag. DonNoQuotey came over to offer assistance when we couldn't get the head to stay on and brought us a piece of metal to use. We filled the wheelbarrow with leaves and empty bottles and put up a sign.

I'm not sure that it will translate well but it makes us laugh. The funny thing is I then made a 'countdown photo' to Grandma and Grandad coming and used the scarecrow photo and I guess it looks like I am saying it is them. That wasn't my intention but it's funny anyway.

For dinner we had curries and rice which was perfect for burning a hole in my throat which I soothed with a nice cold beer (well I am adding to the scarecrow scene).

There were no incidents at school today. The boy that hit Smallest was not allowed out at any recess today.


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