Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bum Fruit!

Last night's sky - amazing colours!

Smallest really enjoyed sleeping in the loft last night. He woke up at, what he thought was 8am and was really just before 6am, went back upstairs and fell alseep. Small got him up at 7:30am (I must give him a better clock up there).

After the boys went to school, worrying about their new class arrangements with the new people joining, I watched a new thing on BBC Iplayer called DrFoster (very good so far) with my breakfast. MrsRoyal called and asked if I wanted to garden for her today so I started at 10am and worked through till 12 midday. Today I weeded and cut back. It was quite warm today but I mainly stayed in the shade. MrsRoyal gave me two novelty tomatoes to bring home for Smallest. One was shaped like a bottom and the other had an anomaly!!

Smallest's room was finished today and while Huffle went to the dentist, I re-arranged his room and put his curtains back up etc. It looks very grown-up now. When he came home I put the pictures up where he wanted them. He is a funny boy, everything has to be just so and he actually wanted all the pictures at his eye level. I made him stand in the middle of the room so he could see them better and we compromised. It looks lovely. Still need to paint the ceiling but that will have to be another time in the future. He will be in the loft again tonight as the smell of paint is still quite strong.

BEFORE - the squirrel hole
AFTER - the gentleman squirrel

Huffle came home - no fillings needed today which he was very happy about and he celebrated by buying himself a socket set (wahoooooo, wish I could get excited about a socket set...........). However, he did take my blender back that I shattered when I tried to grate Parmesan in it. He told the woman (who really didn't care) that I was blending a soup. She swapped it, not only for another blender, but an upgraded one with extra cups. Now that is something worth getting excited about.

After dinner, the boys all played football and I came out and played on the trampoline with them while Huffle tried to help Smallest do a chip kick.




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