Monday, 14 September 2015


Smallest's alarm woke us all (except Smallest, how ironic) at 6am this morning! Huffle had put a new battery in his clock and the alarm had somehow set itself (no blame lies at Smallest's door). Small is still full of cold, Huffle's sore throat is no worse and mine is a little better.

After the boys went to school, I had a visit from Suffolk who just needed to sit and drink tea and chat. So that's just what we did, which was very nice. She stayed for lunch and then I went to the dentist to have my chipped tooth looked at. He temporarily filled it and will sort it properly next week. He talked about a crown and maybe a bridge but that's another time!

Because I was so quick at the dentist, I popped to Suffolk's house (as she only lives around the corner from there). A while ago, she got rid of a shed in her back garden and the slabs it sat on were saved for me and our garden. They are mighty heavy so I can only take a few at a time and I took two today. I stopped for a cup of tea and drove her to her youngest's school and back to save them walking and then came home via the shop where I picked up some bread to go with our soup.

The boys were already home when I got back and were emptying their bags. Smallest had been kicked by an older boy today (strangely enough, the same boy that hit him in the holidays when he was at a friends house). His teacher dealt with the matter. I'm not impressed that a boy three years older than him is giving him trouble. However Small told me that the rest of the people around at the time all helped Smallest and told the boy how horrible he was and a girl in Small's class tackled him, kicked him and made him cry. Apart from that both boys had a good day.

Piano lessons started again this evening with their teacher coming earlier than before which works out well as there is less of a rush now. Smallest is learning Zipperdedoodah I have no idea how to write that) and Small is learning Bear Necessities. Next week they have to choose a song they both Iike and will learn a duet. Could be interesting! My tyre was nearly flat on my car so Huffle and I blew it up and then we had a visit from ClownRose and MissM with their new baby MasterF. MissM played in the garden for a while telling us about school and her baby brother.

Today the weather was warm again and is supposed to be nice for the rest of the week.

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