Monday, 7 September 2015

T-Rex? What about the scary pig!

As temperatures in the UK reach 23*, forcasters are saying 'it's an Indian Summer', meanwhile temperatures reached 34* here today. Wow that is hot!

This household likes to leave everything to the last minute and bearing in mind the kids go to school tomorrow, the boys spent the first part of the day finding their school bags, clearing them out (Smallest!!) trying on shoes (finding out indoor shoes don't fit - Small!!) and packing Gym kit - thank you Yahoo for the reminder. I also made them try on waterproof jackets and wellies (well rain must be on the way soon). I was thinking, the other day, how lucky we were to have specific seasons and that we can put all our winter stuff away when Summer approaches and vice versa. However, the downside to this is that when you go to check Winter things (normally when it is a little too late) they don't fit - kids grow over the summer (is it all the warmth over here). Still I tried their winter coats on them and they are fine for now. Well that's something. Just need to shop for indoor shoes now.

The rest of the morning we played Chinese Checkers, Stack 'Em Up and Catan online. The air con was put to cooler again last night and we have storms forecast from 8pm this evening until Wednesday. Blimey - if that's true then we are having a two and a half day storm! We watched a bit more of Lord of the Rings during lunch.

This afternoon we took ourselves off to the cinema for a last treat before school starts tomorrow. We watched Jurassic World. It was good but there were parts that were just a little cheesey to say the least. Especially the part where the main lady is lying amongst the two dinosaurs fighting. Small jumped when a pig ran out near the beginning which was funny.

Back home we all jumped in the pool (not fully clothed this time) and played Pin Ball until Huffle and I could take the boys arguing no more and left to make dinner. Showers, electronics, dinner.

I heard a rumour that Doc Martin starts tonight. That's what we will be watching then.


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