Monday, 11 January 2016

3 bobbleys, pegs and roundies

My car went in for a tyre check today. Before I had my winter tyres put on, I had a slow puncture in my back drivers side tyre. When the Winter tyres were put on, I still had a slow puncture on the exact same tyre (even though it was a different tyre). Changing the tyres should have solved the problem but it didn't. It now seems that my tyre rim is the problem as it is rusted and causing the leak. Moo and I drove it down to our local garage this morning after the boys went to school and walked back. The garage called me later to say they needed to order a rim and it would need to stay in until sometime tomorrow.

Some different patterns on the window this morning

Huffle went off to Tronoto on the the train for a meeting with his boss and one other. We didn't sleep well last night due to Smallest having an 'accident' and getting himself into a state because he tried to sort it himself but he couldn't. He was very upset. Bearing in mind I have to wash Smallest's bedding at a really high temperature as he is allergic to dust mites and I had only changed his bedding yesterday, does that mean the bedding in the cupboard I did previously is okay to use? It's not an easy one to solve in the dead of the night when you can't open your eyes. Also the wind was howling all night. Huffle wasn't feeling so good this morning. Tired and a bit under the weather cold wise.

So after breakfast, Moo and I constructed three cupboards and had a game of Skip-Bo (I think we are just a little addicted now). We had lunch in front of 'and then there were none' and carried on making more cupboards. We have done so well, we now only have four cupboards left to do. Obviously we still have drawers to construct and inside bits to make but I think we can wait until they are on the wall before doing this, so this is something Huffle and I will be able to do while we are waiting for the granite.

We fit in another game of Skip-Bo and then went for a quick walk. Huffle came home and then the boys and Moo and I started dinner. MrsPiano was late today so we had a struggle to get everything done in time for the boys going off to Cubs and Scouts where they baked delights.

While they were gone, Moo, Huffle and I played Skip-Bo, Simon Swipe and Take Two until it was time to pick up the boys who had with them a selection of mini quiche, scones, cheese straws and cookies. Smallest made the quiches and Small made scones but at the end they all took a selection of all sorts. They enjoyed it and hopefully it might earn them a badge.


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