Saturday, 16 January 2016

I'm sending you home with a red card!

Our drive became an ice rink today with the cold temperatures leaving the leftover rain puddles dangerously slippy. After breakfast we were informed by Huffle we had twenty minutes to get ourselves ready and in the car for today's football game.

Normal outside-changing-room-banter was heard from the parents including one Dad sporting an Arsenal top and a Bayern Munich Scarf (both to bait Huffle and I with). Today's game was very exciting with a 2-0 win from Smallest's team. The supporters balcony was once again giving their full support. One of the opposition players was a little 'diver' who fell over at every opportunity, rolled around a little until he got attention and then quickly recovered when he didn't get any or the ball came near him. Our coach called him a 'faker' which he was. Huffle shouted at him from the balcony to tell him 'acting classes started next week'. Huffle shouted a lot at the ref who to be fair didn't respond but when Smallest told him he needed glasses, he told him "I am going to send you home with a red card". Huffle found this amusing but we had to tell Smallest that he couldn't talk to the ref like that (Huffle could though). At the end of the match when we all piled on the field to get the boys, hear the coach tell them how good they were etc, the opposition coach came up to our coach and told him he was bullying a nine year old. The child in question folded his arms in front of our coach (while red faced and crying angrily) and stood there defiantly saying 'I'm calling the police on you'. The parents of the boy wanted to fight our coach and apparently followed him home after taking their top off and telling him to finish their 'discussion' in the car park. Huffle stood in the thick of it and I dragged him and Small away as I knew they would probably want to get involved. Moo missed it all waiting in the corridor. As we left Huffle was excitedly singing 2-0 2-0 2-0!!!! There were a few emails and texts after the game. Incredible!

We drove off to Vaughan so we could look at the granite and got there approximately 50 minutes later. We were led into a warehouse where we saw huge slabs of Granite, I'm not sure what I expected to see but it was quite amazing. In fact we saw the one we wanted originally and the one we chose and I preferred the new one. It had so many different degrees of colour in it, plus a little sparkle. I think we have chosen well. After filling out a form and learning that the lady in there had family who lived in Leicestershire (though the way she said Leicester was hilarious), went off in search of food. Huffle had found an Italian place on Trip Advisor with great ratings so we went there. Small and Huffle had pizza, Small had Chicken Pasta and Moo and I shared a veggie pizza and a Fettucini Con Fiore de Latte. Beautiful. As we were next to the mall, we popped in to see if we could take back Huffle's car charger as it doesn't work anymore and then came home.

Mall decoration

The boys played on the Wii, argued and were banned from the Wii and then we all played Take Two until there was more arguing and we watched Ninja Warrier UK. Very funny.


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Aunt Pear said...

Dad would have been proud of Huffle... That was so funny. Ban all parents I say x