Sunday, 31 January 2016

Pian, pian, pianO......

This is how I found Smallest's bed this morning

The day started with an early alarm call and us getting out of bed, having a quick breakfast and waving off Huffle so he could help to get the piano from MrsPiano who has now bought herself a shiny new keyboard and given us her old battered piano. Huffle met MrBasement (what would we do with the him?) and his friend Scotty. Apparently they had already gotten it out of the house before he turned up and so he helped to load it onto the trailer. It was on wheels but boy it was heavy and old and quite weatherbeaten.

They drove it back to our house and I attempted to help them lift it into the house. MrBasement had boards with him so it didn't damage the wooden floors but we are going to have to get some castors to put underneath the wheels. The boys had a go and despite one of the keys that doesn't work (hoping the tuning lady can sort that) it sounded good. It is very noisy though so that might take some getting used to - no putting the volume down or getting the headphones out! It was also very very dusty.

Everyone did their own thing for most of the morning and then Small and I went to Sunday Development football. I knitted my hat and listened to a man talk endlessly about NOTHING!! If he had said Ryan Gigg (no S) one more time, I may have stuck my needle up his nose! One whole hour of pure BS. Small did very well and worked really hard as there weren't many kids there today so each one had to work that much harder.

At home we all had lunch and watched Ninja Warrier UK. The boys gave Grandma and Grandad a piano recital on FaceTime and then played on the Wii. Small finished off some homework and Huffle and I played a game of Catan online.

The snow is starting to really melt away now and we are starting to see the grass again. This is weird. If only it would all melt and then not snow again ahhhhhhhh. I know Huffle wants to snowboard and the boys want to sledge but I'm ready for Spring now.

I finished it!




Sarah Tomson said...

Love the hat 😃 that was super speedy knitting!!
Perhaps you need to knit some ear defenders for when the piano is in use!

Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Gorgeous hat!

famfa said...

Thanks. I'm quick when it's something as interesting as that - gotta love the sheep x

famfa said...

Thanks xx

Brenda B said...

I love that you finished your hat so quickly, you'll have to make one for yourself now too! I'm still dithering about colour choices, oh, and knitting socks too. :)