Monday, 25 January 2016

Back to norm

It was nice getting up this morning and finding a kitchen (of sorts) stocked with pots and pans and no MrBasement (no offence) and no dust or mess. The boys Breakfast and lunch was made as usual despite everything being in different places. The boys went off to school and Huffle disappeared for a long full day of work. I got to eat my breakfast slowly and in peace and quiet. Ahhhhhh bliss.

A lovely red Cardinal in our tree

I did a grocery shop this morning and wandered around the supermarket efficiently but with a bit of a dawdle as I had no great reason to rush back. I also went to the Post Office and was told my tiny piece of mail would cost double what it should because it was too thick. The lady told me to get another envelope (which actually cost as much as the postage would have cost) and then took me to the card aisle where she let me have a free envelope and I paid half of what I should for my postage. Awww that was nice.

After putting the shopping away, changing a couple of shelf heights in the cupboards and filling them a little more, Huffle and I had lunch. We watched the end of Jericho (BBC). I filled a few more cupboards (there was still so much up in the loft) and then went to the forest where I met NoCustard for a lovely walk. We had a good chat and although it was hard work underfoot, it was really nice and picturesque.

Back home I sorted washing and put more on, added a few more things to the kitchen and then the boys were home. Small had forgotten his boots so I had to drive him back to school to get them as he needed them for later. Smallest set the table for me and attended to my bleeding foot when I trod on a shard of glass. MrsPiano came and Smallest had a very long lesson, so long in fact that I had to rescue him to get his dinner before he went off to football practice with Huffle.

Small had music homework where he had to listen to several pieces of music including tunes from James Bond, Harry Potter and Star Wars and identify the instruments, pitch, tone and write about it using musical terms. He finds this very interesting. He has a lot to do but it isn't due until February. I shouted him several times but he didn't hear me, too engrossed in the music. He had his piano lesson and is Learning the Cantina Song from Star Wars. It's quite complicated. I let MrsPiano know today that we would like her piano and that I will be in touch shortly to arrange to pick it up. MrBasement said he will move it for us.

Small and I had a quick play on the Wii and then I took him to Scouts where he sledged for an hour and had a hot chocolate. I came home and moved some more stuff into the kitchen. I think that's it, everything in and we still have space. Amazing. We now have to have a go at putting the handles on the doors and drawers and deciding what tiles and top we are having.

Smallest had a good time at football and Huffle had a good time chatting with one of the Dads. Smallest went to bed after his shower, it looks like he has a cold now. Small went to bed a bit earlier than normal. He is absolutely full of cold and still tired.

We received a lovely Christmas package from the Rumbleskins today full of super goodies. Thank you, we will enjoy them all x


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