Thursday, 28 January 2016

I'm alright nowoooooooooooo

I had a terrible nights sleep due to my throat and feeling very hot so I opened the window next to my side of the bed and then Huffle was cold. Oh dear. Everyone overslept this morning and I had to wake Smallest up. His first words were "my throat hurts". Too much to go to school? "Oh no, it's not that bad". Small also complained of a sore throat but not too much to not to go to school though he did consider it for a while. I dreamt that Smallest and his friends were throwing footballs off the top of a lighthouse and Small and I kept getting hit. Then Smallest was in a football game and 46 seconds in he got tackled and piled on by a small red haired boy. He had to come off because he got squished!!

Smallest trying to sledge down a lump of snow!

After they went to school, I did some washing and had a general tidy up. I stripped our bed and had a quick swiff around. Mid morning I drove Huffle to the doctors so he could carry on with his emails. His appointment was 11.10 and we got there ten minutes early. We didn't get seen until 11:50 and Huffle's emails were going crazy and he had a call due at 1pm which meant we had to get home for then. The doctor was in fine form today and cracking lots of silly jokes especially about Lupus (which is from the Latin word meaning wolf) and about werewolves, full moons and howling. Very funny!!! Anyway, Huffles MRI results were more normal than any he has ever seen before, which is interesting because the initial X-Ray he had said he had degenerative damage. Apparently not, he is fighting fit. In fact so fit that the doctor is going to do nothing (he was thinking of referring him to a Lupus professional but changed his mind) until symptoms appear again. He looked at Huffles hamstring and said it was a Grade Two Tear and that he could be lacking in Vitamin C. Huffle, thinking he was going to ask for a blood test again, quickly said "I'll take more vitamin C, not a problem". We discussed Lupus more and the doc said to look out for signs of Huffle going 'batty'. Oh good, can't wait for that to manifest itself, how will we know??? (Huffle edit - I will throw in a few fake batty turns to keep her guessing) we asked about the boys being tested but he didn't think it was necessary right now. He said people could go for years and sometimes never show signs but it was something to be aware of. He came home happy and in time for his work call.

We had lunch later and watched a bit of The Best Marigold Hotel. A group of eight celebrities on India trying to see if is better than Britain. Might be interesting. This afternoon I prepared dinner, sorted washing and the went for a walk in the Hamlet with MrsRoyal. When we started out it was snowing. Lovely fat beautiful snowflakes that came down rally slowly and softly. When we turned to come back it got windier and blustery and much colder. We walked for about 45 minutes. I did over my 10,000 steps today HURRAH.

The boys beat me home and were extremely silly again. They both had homework, Smallest at the computer with his bowl of chocolate covered fruit and Smallest in his room playing Kasabian at full blast with his cup of hot chocolate that he makes by himself (MrBasement showed him how to make it frothy). I got on with dinner.

After dinner, the boys played on the Wii (both went to bed a bit earlier tonight, their throats are a bit better) and Huffle and I started to put the handles on the doors. Lots of measuring and pencil marks, some drilling and all but three doors are done. We have to decide where they are going on the drawers and we will get on with those. It was scary to start with but as long as we measure and double measure, we are fine.

We had a call from the granite people and they are coming in two weeks time. Wahoo.


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