Friday, 29 January 2016

Frozen ball of mess

Last night Huffle was too warm and I was too cold! He got up and opened his window which woke me later because it was making the door bang! Grrrrr. I had to wake Small who did not want to get up. Both boys throats are getting better and mine is just sore, probably a cold coming bearing in mind the amount of times I have sneezed today.

The boys stood outside waiting for the bus in -18* with windchill. It was very blustery and of course the bus was late. We were just about to drive them in when it arrived. They even came inside to wait as it was too cold!

I phoned TheEnglishRose to see if she wanted to go to knitting today but she ummed and ahhhhed and said she would call me later if she could get ready in time. I had time (while waiting) to write half a letter and get my knitting stuff together. She did call and wanted to go but I was quite late as the traffic was really slow this morning. The snow was drifting across the road making it a bit treacherous!

There was a full house (or table) at knitting. ShopkeeperEl had just become a Grandma and was showing off baby pics, Ally, MrsBasement and Miche were there and a few others who are newer to the group. It was quite noisy and TheEnglishRose turned off her hearing aid (wish I could do that sometimes). She gave me a $25 gift card for the knitting shop as a thank you for driving her and being kind. That was nice and it was her husbands idea. I know I will use that. When I started to get my knitting out, I realised it had disappeared. It wasn't in my bag or the car. Huffle found it on the drive, snow drifted all over it until it was a frozen mess of wool, needles and socks! He thawed it out for me until I got back. As I had nothing to do, I got some new wool and started on a hat. It's a beauty and it has sheep on it. It's supposed to be for me but I know a few people who might want it! I agreed to join a 'sign making' workshop in a few weeks time and then took TheEnglishRose home where I got a big hug, a newspaper and a calendar plus a text from ShopkeeperEl and MrsBasement telling me I had left my new wool there. Arrrrggggghhhh.

Back home, Huffle and I had lunch. He had finished the door handles and was waiting for me to measure and mark the drawers so he could do those too. We finished all the handles - I like it.

I went for an hours walk with ClownRose and Fin around the Hamlet. It was tough going as it was quite slippy underfoot and it was bitterly cold when the wind blew in your face (my face felt like it was going to fall off!) but it was nice to get out and stretch as my exercise has hurt me!!!!!!

The boys came home soon after I got back and I made dinner and finished my letter while Small did his homework and Smallest wrote a letter and played on the Wii.

Huffle and Small went off to football. Huffle was under strict instructions NOT to play tonight but just to coach from the sidelines! He behaved and didn't play but Small played very well and scored two goals. He was very pleased with himself. Smallest and I played on the Wii until I was dismissed due to poor playing and finished watching our film we started earlier in the week.




Brenda B said...

Oh! As soon as you said "it's got sheep on", I was like WHAT, no WAAAY! I was at JoAnns this morning getting some other colours for that exact same hat! I hope to cast on in the next couple of days! What's the chance of that, lol!


famfa said...

Wow coincidence - I knew you would like it though whatever. I am just past the rib - exciting. Let me know how you get on x